Tristan Thompson’s Emphatic Putback to Close the Half

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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Tristan Thompson cleans up the miss by LeBron James as the first half of game 6 comes to a close.

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  • Pound-For-Pound 6 years ago

    is.....lebron choking this 2nd half right now

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  • Isaiah From the Nati 6 years ago

    jr and iman are the new members of bricksquad

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  • Nazir Smith 6 years ago

    sub to me pls

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  • jdollar1 6 years ago

    Lebron said it would be a process before they get a championship. And the
    fact that they made it to the finals and put up a fight was amazing enough.

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  • skrewheadsailor 6 years ago

    I'm just waiting to see if Cleveland is gonna burn LeBrons Jersey again... 

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  • Leo Pulkkinen 6 years ago

    cavs down by 12 heading to the 4th quarter. i think its over for the cavs.

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  • Pester Fester 6 years ago

    2007 all over again !!!

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  • Jiawei Li 6 years ago

    trAVELED Sssooooooo bad... What a leflop

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  • True Drew Tube 6 years ago

    I feel the cleveland run is coming.... A storm's a' brewin'

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  • Kevin Rivera 6 years ago

    Damn.................that travel

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  • JurassicWorld510 6 years ago

    Its i over the warriors are going to win and the reason they are going to
    win is because they are facing a team with injured players

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  • Wapi Yip 6 years ago

    That push... No foul????? Wtf 

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  • ihateBlackOps2 6 years ago

    the warriors gonna win in 6 games

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  • Ben M 6 years ago

    If GS wins then congrats but damn NBA has to do something about the three
    point shooting, that shit is hard to watch. I started watching the NBA
    because it has the best athletes in the world but now all they seem to do
    is play like its an arcade game

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  • Jake The Great 6 years ago

    Cavs in 13

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  • Giovany Gonzalez 6 years ago


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  • SinX4Lyfe 6 years ago

    Am i the only one seeing cavs uploads on nba utube channel? O.0

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  • Ronnie Olimpio 6 years ago

    Everybody in Cleveland about to burn some jerseys!! Lmao 

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  • david monsterstein 6 years ago

    Dont worry LeBron get em next year lol all hail chef curry

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  • ‫תמיר ברנדה‬‎ 6 years ago

    this is huge

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  • Zathralos 6 years ago

    looks like kawhi leonard's putback slam on last years finals

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  • escapee1993 6 years ago

    He and mozgov were the only one who were a help for lebron

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  • Marcus Johansson 6 years ago

    Wow, so this is how it is...I wished there were real GSW fans here, no
    class at all.

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  • Joe Ravin 6 years ago

    No one even talking about how the ball was in his hands when the buzzer
    went off? Not even close enough for the refs to consider looking at it.
    This replay all over everywhere during the half but the refs still didn't
    have enough time in the hour long halftime to maybe check it out. SMH NBA
    refs just keep giving away them points don't they.

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