The Warriors Receive the 2015 Championship Trophy

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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Watch as NBA Commissioner Adam Silver presents the Golden State Warriors with the 2015 Larry O’Brien Trophy.

About the NBA:
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The NBA consists of the following teams: Atlanta Hawks; Boston Celtics; Brooklyn Nets; Charlotte Hornets; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Detroit Pistons; Golden State Warriors; Houston Rockets; Indiana Pacers; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Memphis Grizzlies; Miami Heat; Milwaukee Bucks; Minnesota Timberwolves; New Orleans Pelicans; New York Knicks; Oklahoma City Thunder; Orlando Magic; Philadelphia 76ers; Phoenix Suns; Portland Trail Blazers; Sacramento Kings; San Antonio Spurs; Toronto Raptors; Utah Jazz; Washington Wizards.

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  • Chase Parnell 6 years ago

    The trophy presentation is not the same without Stuart Scott 

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  • Um Hu 6 years ago

    Makes you almost forget it's just a game

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  • Johnny Appleseed 6 years ago

    They obviously cheated, visibly it was plain as day. #Cheaters 

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  • 4208jason 6 years ago

    if i could play good basketball id be in the nba

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  • jtfourlife 6 years ago

    One thing I realized is that the teams that win championships representing
    the western conference are either from the state of California or Texas.
    Goes to show you how hard that conference is.

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  • Crystal Marie 6 years ago

    I imagine the 107 thumbs down are Cavs fans lol

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  • Evan Nianwan 6 years ago

    Why Adam silver look faded as fuck

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  • Johann Hartono 6 years ago

    And the Quicken Loans Arena was quiet...

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  • Patrick Gong 6 years ago

    Hoisting the Stanley cup has gotta be much more redeeming than receiving
    the Larry o brian trophy 

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  • Tommie Ray 6 years ago

    Lmao!! I love the nba but golden state had to be the luckiest team ever to
    win! First off the best player in the west had a season injury (KD) who
    would've gave okc all they needed to make a crazy playoff run. Then luckily
    the spurs and clippers faced off first against which are two teams who are
    easily capable of beating golden state. Then the clippers who were up 3-1
    on the rockets lose?lol. Meanwhile golden state is playing all these teams
    with no starting pg to challenge steph. No jru holiday, a 50% mike conley,
    and no defensive beast pat beverly. And even with all tht going there way
    memphis gave them a run until Tony Allen gets right? Okay so
    golden state gets paved a nice road to the finals then they face the cavs
    who already lost a a star to a SEASON ENDING inury not a regular injury
    SEASON ENDING ( K.LOVE) but its ok becuz they have an all star guard tht
    can finally challenge steph even tho hes hobbling around with tendinitis
    its ok we finally get to see what golden state is made of in the playoffs
    until....kyrie irving gets injured in Overtime of GAME (1) not 5 or 6 but
    GAME (1)...with a SEASON ENDING injury... are you kidding me..but hey maybe
    there was somethin in the air....or maybe not considering every injury the
    warriors had were temporary... so yeah i like the Warriors but would have
    liked to see the clippers or maybe the wizards win it all. So oakland
    unless u have some voodoo dont expect another ring for awhile. Congrats to
    the gs fans. And im sorry to the okc,clippers,rockets,cavs,and mostly spurs

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  • Crypted454 6 years ago

    mark jackson sound salty as fuck lol

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  • robertatx22 6 years ago

    Mediocre ass team no dynasty!!! 

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  • BinkieMcFartnuggets 6 years ago

    The only way this could have been more awkward is if LeBron won the Finals
    MVP trophy.

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  • Babbiie- Jayy 6 years ago

    Congrats to the Warriors! But in all honesty & not trying to hate, the old
    geezer Spurs would've beaten them in 5(Bad match against Golden State), OKC
    would've beaten them in 6 with a healthy KD! Healthy Cavs would've probably
    swept, max 5 ! K-Love would've abuse Bogut! A 30% Kyrie if you guys watched
    GM 1 actually locked up Curry & dropped 23 on him, so just imagine if he
    was 100% healthy! Not to mention GS would've had to adjust way differently
    on guarding LeBron because of what Love & Irving brought to the table!
    Again, not trying to hate on Golden State but this would've most likely
    been the reality if they had to face these teams(healthy)

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  • Ar Va 6 years ago

    This woman presenter?

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  • Jaqhen H'ghar 6 years ago

    Can't help but feel bad for Mark Jackson.

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  • Gnanduillet Benoît Jean-Luc 6 years ago

    Ils l'ont mérité. :-)

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  • Hagle234 6 years ago

    It's crazy how athletes are supposed to be bigger, stronger, faster and
    healthier than they've ever been, but yet there were so many injuries this
    season. But Golden State was the only team that was immune to these
    critical injuries. It played a big factor in the end.

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  • Joe Maggi 6 years ago

    Yeah, Adam Silvers not awkward a at all. 

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  • Ralph Ganitnit (Pinksoldier123) 6 years ago

    Nobody can blame lebron for losing the finals he basicly carried there team

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  • ssrider7 6 years ago

    they deserved it so much!
    Bravo Warriors,never doubted in the team!
    Warriors fan from Slovenia!!

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  • 2CrewSader7 6 years ago

    I came to find jj walker's comment but I can't seem to find it.

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  • Francisco José Clemente Ferragut 6 years ago

    Golden State Warriors Campeones de la NBA 

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  • Gstate 6 years ago

    Warriors play for keeps fuck the cavs & their fans...

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  • Jamil Johnson 6 years ago

    Warriors are a new dynasty on the making I'm telling ya.The amazing thing
    is that they are super young to already with a championship.I don't see any
    teams next year stopping the warriors, this team is something special trust
    me it doesn't matter if the teams they played was injured.They would've
    still beat the grizzlies, pelicans, rockets and the Cavs if all those teams
    were healthy.Jrue holiday only miss game 1. Patrick Beverly would have done
    nothing to curry he's just a dirty player remember how he injured Westbrook
    in the 2013 playoffs.Rockets were also missing Dante monteunis he is a
    scrub. If the Cavs had kyrie and love they still would have loss but in 7
    games.Cavs defense would have been worse if they had kyrie and love because
    their defense liabilitys.delavedova and Tristan Thompson are way better
    defense of players than kyrie and love.If the warriors still struggled
    against the Cavs with kyrie and love then Steve Kerr would have adjusted
    the game plan.

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