Stephen Curry Finals Phantom Raw: Sets the Tone in Game 6

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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See the slow-motion Stephen Curry highlights in the opening action through the lens of the Phantom camera.

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  • Lord Curry 6 years ago

    Curry is too nice, fuck they mean LeChoke winning MVP, Curry will be the
    2nd player ever to win finals MVP and MVP in the same season. Game is
    already over I stopped watching 

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  • azeem indawala 6 years ago

    Except warriors fans

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  • Stephen Curry 6 years ago

    Lets all take a moment and acknowledge the 21 FT's the Cavs have compared
    to the Dubs 4. They really hate seeing the Warriors win. 

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  • lil juju 6 years ago

    LIL JUJU X WIZ KHALIFA . Search !!

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  • Stephen Curry 6 years ago

    GSW vs REFS #Game6

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  • Isaiah From the Nati 6 years ago

    the warriors shot 16 3's. get the fuck outta here out course the cavs gonna
    hav more ft attempts

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  • Tyrone kilete 6 years ago

    Cavs in 7 Lebron will be finals MVP, haha it's funny people actually think
    the Warriors will win lol 

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  • Gian Alvarado 6 years ago


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  • davidib17 6 years ago

    Flagged for misleading title. I was expecting Curry to be setting the Tone
    knob on an amp. Very disappointing.

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  • Golden State Wagons(Loyal fan since yesterday) 6 years ago

    Here we go again!!!! Give them a tiny bit of hope then demoralize them
    right away.
    Ruthless Steph
    +Lord Curry ? >LeCHOKE

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  • GodMelo Anthony 6 years ago

    Curry is da new face of the NBA ... #Facts

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  • Pound-For-Pound 6 years ago

    cleveland looks demoralized. Even Jr looked done behind David blatt in the
    locker room lol

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  • PresidentGuevara 6 years ago

    I mean come on I said this on game 4 that warriors aren't going to bw
    stopped. Warriors will raise the trophy in Cleveland tonight.

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  • n8vdescent 6 years ago

    Cleveland is done and lost they're heart

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  • Narek G 6 years ago

    Man Shaun Livingston is playing so well,you cant even hate this guy just
    because of what he had to go through during his career, and now he is
    playing a huge role on a team nearing the championship. Everyone thought he
    was done after his terrible injury (at one point doctors said they would
    have to remove his leg) but he worked on his leg and his game and he made

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  • Legendary CR7 6 years ago



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  • #90sBabyMafia x 90sTaliban 6 years ago

    Warriors In 6, Congratulations in Advance #NBAFinals?

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  • ugonelearn 2day 6 years ago

    "First round exits" they said "Shooting team can't win it all" they said.
    Fuck the haters go dubs!!!

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  • Brauwow 6 years ago

    Congrats to my second favorite player, Curry on the championship.

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  • Lowplane Jack 6 years ago

    This finals only proves that LEBRON JAMES IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!

    He pushed his team and made the Warriors shake in fear! Wack for the so
    called best team in the league. LEBRON STILL THE BEST AND STILL THE GOAT!
    MJ and Kobe are overrated, not even close.

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  • Benny Tsui 6 years ago

    Why they have to slow-mo everything lol?

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  • godis talking 6 years ago

    1. Took the warriors 40 years to beat a crippled team for a
    championship. congratulations :::tear drops:::
    2. Even Michael jordan (greatest player ever) couldnt get the wizards a
    ring. He didnt even get em to the playoffs.
    3. Lebron took a crippled cavs team to the 6th game in the finals and
    BARELY lost. now thats impressive.
    4. curry got mvp because other all star players were injured like Kevin
    Durant,Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love etc..
    5. igoudala getting finals mvp.. for what? making a few 3 pointers? He
    defended a guy who was dropping 40 a game and HE gets the mvp? can you
    say horrible defense?
    6. Steve kerr telling other coach at the end "i hope you're team gets
    healthy" admitted they won ONLY due to crippled guys on the other team.
    7. espn/nba announcers claiming warriors have great defense when lebron
    scored 40 points 3 games in a row. WHAT DEFENSE? were these guys
    watching baseball?
    8. A monkey could have coached the warriors team and they would have
    still beat the cavs due to the injuries the cavs had.
    9. Warriors should have swept cavs 4 games in a row by 20-30 points each
    game. Instead they BARELY beat cavs game 1, lose games 2 and 3, beat
    cavs game 4, win game 5, then game 6 BARELY by 8 points. I wouldnt
    exactly go around crying im a champion when you barely beat a crippled
    team by a few points. thats embarassing.
    10. For a so called good team the warriors sure had a hard time closing
    out game 6. when theres 1 minute left they were up by like 13 and all of
    a sudden up by only 4 with a few seconds left.
    11. I couldnt help but laugh when the cavs announcer said "here in
    cleveland nothing is given to you,you have to earn it" and all of a sudden
    the cavs went on a run,got the game down to 4 and kerr was shitting bricks
    in the corner sweating like R kelly at a girl scout meeting. so called
    champions and mvp sweating and worrying. Hilarious.

    its like a fighter who takes one hour to beat his opponent. he should be
    able to beat that opponent quick in minutes. the warriors took a LONG time
    to beat the crippled cavs till game 6 when it should have been a sweep. no
    one will remember these clowns in a few years. they will remember the heat
    winning 2 in a row,lakers winning 2 in a row etc...

    curry had one of the worst shooting performances of all time if you add up
    his stats from games 1-3. this is why he didnt get finals mvp and they HAD
    to pick someone else.

    refs may have rigged some of these games. even the media did some rigging.
    look at how they voted for the finals mvp with lebron getting 4 votes and
    igoudala getting 7. curry got no votes. so lebron drops 40 on you 3 nights
    in a row but you are still a better player than him? makes perfect
    sense,nba stupidity at its finest. even stat experts noticed igoudala had
    the lowest points of ANY player who played in the finals averaging only 13
    points through 6 games. lowest rebounds,lowest everything. so sink you're
    teeth in that and shake you're heads like the rest of us.

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  • Basques AreJesusPeople 6 years ago

    Lechoke:"i am the best player in the world.That simple" lmao.Nice going
    loser.Fuck you illuminati lebron.

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  • TheLostZip 6 years ago

    Cavs should've won if there will be Love and Irving. Imagine Warriors
    without Klay and Iggy.

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