Lebron James’ Top 10 Plays of the 2014-2015 Playoffs

Posted on : 06/18/2015
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Posted by : Garrett Richardson
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Take a look at the Top 10 Plays of Lebron James’ historical playoff run!

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  • Gerardo Valencia 6 years ago

    Primer Top 10 de Lebron, que en verdad es un Top 10 de lebron

    First Lebron's Top 10, really is a Lebron's top 10

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  • ATTACK116 6 years ago


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  • Thales Oliveira 6 years ago

    joga muito !!

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  • nikosofidemporas 6 years ago

    It says "Historical playoff run".Well maybe a statistically fantastic
    finals because the rest of the playoffs were not so thrilling by him.
    Even in the finals though the below 40% percentage didn't help much..

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  • Jacob Ferber 6 years ago


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  • MrDarkKobe24 6 years ago

    What if he missed the game winner against the Bulls and lost the game... I
    wonder which Eastern Conference team would make it to the Finals?

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  • Jason Fit 6 years ago

    The King / G.O.A.T

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  • Qaiser Mansha 6 years ago

    I found that LeBron James played staggering this season despite not
    getting the championship and anyone that disagrees and says he played
    poorly are silly due to the fact that they are on that he didn't get
    Cleveland their elusive feeling of a NBA championship in franchise history.
    However, he looks a lot more stronger and fitter which gave a whole lot of
    intimidation to defenders, he became a better leader and still instilled
    hope to Cleveland by carrying HIS team in the finals, despite in Game 6
    where I believe he and his team didn't give full effort. But I digress. The
    point is, LeBron James played good this season and should be accredited for
    his tremendous effort throughout the season, with two key players out and
    giving his all until Game 6 of the Finals. Great season can't wait to see
    LeBron James play next year. He's still an exciting player and tremendously
    electrifying with box office personality

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  • edwin ortiz 6 years ago

    Lebron best world wade y lebron history nba wade welcome cavs jaja 

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  • NiggaDaNinja 6 years ago

    It sucks when you only lose 5 games, but dont win the championship 

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  • YN_LastKing 6 years ago

    Fuck you cavs fan 25% real cavs fan 75% LeBron dick eaters haha 

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  • xMaul xD 6 years ago

    LeBron IS ASS Curry is better than he will EVER BE

    (Watches hate roll in from LBJ Fanboys)

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  • Uncle Drew 6 years ago

    MVP. People act like carrying them through the playoffs and losing is a
    negative for his career...please.

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  • anri9716 6 years ago

    The real mvp

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  • Cousin Cal 6 years ago

    The best to ever do it. He'll be back next year!!! 

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  • Isaiah From the Nati 6 years ago

    lebron head still gettin at the rim 

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  • Jahshua Bedward 6 years ago

    Kadlife-008 I agree with you ??????percent 

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  • Kingsford Boateng 6 years ago

    Stephen curry knows how to shoot threes but leBron is the man who dunks on
    top of people.

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  • Kingsford Boateng 6 years ago

    Dawn leBron

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  • Kingsford Boateng 6 years ago

    To the bucket

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  • James Poston 6 years ago

    If it's one thing I hate it is all these lebron haters

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  • kuruptzZz 6 years ago

    Lebron is like a maxed out video game character brought to life

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  • Caleb Brown 6 years ago

    Basketball is my favorite sport and LeBron James is my favorite basketball
    player i think its amazing how he has this talent and i think that he's
    slitely better than Michael Jordan. But Michael Jordan is my 2nd favorite
    basketball player!

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  • Eastern Conference 6 years ago

    Real MVP

    - Whole East

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  • Robert Trask 6 years ago

    , n

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