LeBron James Drains Tough Three from the Corner

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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LeBron James sinks the three falling away from the corner to beat the shot clock.

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  • Pound-For-Pound 6 years ago

    cavs are fighting in a very inconsistent way. Warriors confidence is there.
    That will be the difference in the 2nd half

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  • LevelOneHundred Patrick 6 years ago

    All I gotta say is, kerr better start iggy over Barnes next season 

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  • AlohaPowerz 6 years ago


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  • King Kunta 6 years ago

    Apparently the Cavs love to pick on Draymond Green.

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  • iLieAboutMyAgeLOL 6 years ago

    refs are trying so hard to keep the cavs in this. It's so fucking obvious

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  • MomoBTL 6 years ago

    Like if Lebron is the best player! #2/5IsBetterThen100% 

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  • Tyler Dowd 6 years ago

    go cavs

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  • 2live&die in Chiraq 6 years ago

    Fuck DA cavs like really who would live in Cleveland wait till next year DA
    bulls got this 

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  • Mr.Buckets 6 years ago

    Kobe would've made that shot a hundred times in a row

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  • Isaiah From the Nati 6 years ago

    the warriors shot 16 3's. get the fuck outta here out course the cavs gonna
    hav more ft attempts

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  • Evil chef Curry 6 years ago

    Done this couple thousand times

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  • fightnight14 6 years ago

    I don't see the Cavs winning this game

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  • Jaycee 6 years ago

    Who gives a fuck ? Kobe does that shit everyday and I do too. Can't wait
    to watch my warriors win the championship tonight. I'm not a bandwagon but
    I'm a warriors fan for life 

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  • Amazingfirewind 6 years ago


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  • Kevin Hagberg 6 years ago

    the curse is real! lebron your fucked buddy. hope you like disappointing
    your home fan base your whole career. should be nothing new to you though

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  • Bhavya Jani 6 years ago

    Lebron looked passive and tired tonight. Too much of deferring to
    teammates. He lost but gotta respect his effort in the series

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  • Robert Guzman 6 years ago

    Lebron will never be JORDON OR KOBE
    Matter of fact the only think he shares with Kobe is Kobe wears 24 and
    Lerbon is 2-4 in the finals 

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  • Red Butterfly 6 years ago

    LEBRON still the best and always be...
    thank you for the hard work and for the effort..

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  • Jakub Majsniar 6 years ago

    awww.... what a flashy shoes he wears ....

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  • slaya031 6 years ago

    Monster shot!

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  • Billy H 6 years ago

    The Warriors beat LeBron in 6, imagine how easily he would've won the
    championship if he had teammates 

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  • Boristos Jaxon 6 years ago

    Haters are losers

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  • john k 6 years ago


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  • Humraj Grewal 6 years ago

    Dropping the best finals performance in the nba history is not chocking 

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  • Nicolas Waite 6 years ago


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