Harrison Barnes Posterizes Mozgov and Miller

Posted on : 06/15/2015
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Harrison Barnes takes the pass and throws down the monster jam in traffic.

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  • joesakic91 6 years ago

    Channeling my "Mr. Cavalier" Austin Carr: Harrison Barnes throws the hammer

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  • TheRealLegoFreak8404 6 years ago

    Looks like the that split against Memphis didn't affect him at all. 

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  • MushDanger 6 years ago

    In yo' fuckin face!

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  • king clan 6 years ago

    I do not like Russian names means he is to change it or to go home.

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  • Edward Zhang 6 years ago

    Where's the poster on Lebron?

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  • Ryan Terry 6 years ago

    Repping Iowa really well HB! keep posterizing people and win Finals MVP for
    us lol

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  • lorenzo casaneda 6 years ago

    He also dunked on Lebron with the put back dunk 

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  • LiqCharles 6 years ago

    why dont you upload the barnes dunk on James

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  • alviiiiin1988 6 years ago

    david blatt thought he could get away with a small starting lineup, and
    look what happened. why the heck would he bench mozgov after mozgov just
    came off from a 25+ point game only to bring in JR smith?! look what
    happened to the cavs when JR smith came in............he played DUMBASS
    basketball. the guy lacks common sense, period.

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  • Nirvash2011 6 years ago


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  • brock obama 6 years ago


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  • Gregg Melton 6 years ago

    Where's the highlight of Barnes dunking on LeBron..?

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  • chilledkaos42 6 years ago

    Where u at JJ Walker? Go Warriors!

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  • The Last Prophet 6 years ago

    Cleveland Excuses Fan lol "Lebron got no help, he can only do so much, blah
    blah blah"

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  • MrYoumitube 6 years ago

    Harrison Ba Ba Barnes!

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  • Jojo Sy 6 years ago

    To all the fuckin dub haters suck it. We are more than just a jump shooting
    team. We are the best defensive and offensive team and the NBA. And we will
    win the title in Cleveland!!! Go dubs! It's been a long time.

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  • Jake Selkirk 6 years ago

    Do they even make NBA dunking posters anymore? We need to remove this
    phrase from the venacular. And Reggie Miller, with all due respect, the
    "welcome to your Kodak moment" line. That's gone too.

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  • Lervin John 6 years ago

    Nice move Chief!

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  • 7UNnySH1T 6 years ago

    Thats off vert too, didnt even need a head start to posterize these kids,
    oh and LeBron caught one too.

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  • YoungYeazyJr 6 years ago

    And if LeBron wasnt hurt in.2011 finals Wade had 4 titles 2 finals mvps
    ohh.wait he wasnt hurt choked excuses excuses excuses btw lifelong heat fan

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  • stephforthree 6 years ago

    I almost forgot that "mozgov" used to be an adjective, lol

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  • a7mad316 6 years ago

    Miller is so shit, I wouldn't pick him in a park game.

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  • Patrick Marcellus 6 years ago

    Wow harrison Barnes been struggling this entire finals series and then
    dunks on somebody and thinks he's cool haha lol

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  • thug8200 6 years ago

    off the vert doe

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  • Andrei Cagoco 6 years ago

    After seeing this kind of performance from harrison barnes i dont know how
    many teams wants him now

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