“Go Big or Go Home”- Best of Phantom NBA Finals Game 3

Posted on : 06/10/2015
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A special slo-mo look at Game 3 of the NBA Finals set to American Authors new single, “Go Big or Go Home”

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  • Noble Dixon 6 years ago

    do u really just call curry a faggot i have lost all respect for these wild
    ass hogs following lebron

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Noble Dixon 6 years ago

    im tired of lebron hes so stuck up it pisses me off like get over urself u
    ugly whore

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • pejta24 6 years ago

    curry who?

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • v4le46 6 years ago

    Gay music, hip hop is the voice of basketball!!! 

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  • UZI JACUZZI HD 6 years ago

    If cavs win game 4 it will be over so GW needs to step up and not rely on

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  • kent roger 6 years ago

    how many cav players are going to be limping on the court in game 4? This
    is insane, without kyrie, without kevin love, deladova cramp and ian
    stumpert shoulder. If cavs win next game, that would be greatest
    acheivement in nba history which is the top 4 or 5 players in there team
    not in their best shape. This includes lebron cause im pretty sure to pull
    off those triple double games, he had to bump knees and strain himself.

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  • Thiago Oliveira 6 years ago

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • daburg412 6 years ago

    cavs are better with love and irving being out. Delly and Tristian make
    them a defensive beast and bron can do the rest

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • SuperNuke 6 years ago


    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • kicks dream 6 years ago

    Notice how Kerr changed the line up when they were down 2-1 if he doesn't
    then it's gonna be the same game as yesterday except curry is under 20pts
    with lock down from delly

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Chris Jackson 6 years ago

    I can't wait till Curry show you guys why he is the MVMOTHERFUCKINGP in
    game 4 and shuts all of you up. When he does look for me in the comments
    cause I'm going off ?

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Tyrone Got 5 million on this track (#facts) 6 years ago


    *thank you for making curry ur bitch thank you for being top1 def. Pg and
    thank you for playing big and sending the dubs home*

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Candice Harris 6 years ago

    Lets be honest.....most of the people that are going for the warriors were
    I come from(girls) just want to f***either Curry or Thompson, they don't
    even watch basketball but then have the nerve to talk a load of sh** about

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  • Rob-n Jared 6 years ago

    Finals are rigged!!!! I provide proof!!

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Allen James 6 years ago


    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Kurtus 6 years ago

    That was the gayest song I have ever heard. It makes the Finals seem lame. 

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Bugs Bunny 6 years ago

    good job lebron

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • AkelO_o Love VOLVO 6 years ago

    Song Pls

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Jeremy Lim 6 years ago

    if cavs does lose game 4, which i believe they might even tho im a lebron
    fan, because its a desperation game for gsw, cavs will win game 5 in
    dramatic fashion
    therefore, game 5's phantom video should be "go big and go home"
    cavs in 6

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  • nasra aboubacar 6 years ago

    This song makes me laugh af !

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  • Dwight Lowery 6 years ago

    Fuck lebom hames he suck 

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • BAZIL FTW 6 years ago

    Im aussie, and i really like dellevedova, he is having a great series, but
    seriously? You guys think he should be finals mvp? Think about lebron, he
    has got over 20 these 3 games!!! He has no kyrie, no love (kevin) and he
    gets over 20ppg. Stay cool nba!!

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • jay lantigua 6 years ago

    Man Fuck lebron Mr flop all the way my son curry with the threes

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • TheKumarWarrior 6 years ago

    this song is my favorite

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • TheKumarWarrior 6 years ago

    its better then what corny song u want adrian

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)

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