Draymond Green Tallies Big Finals Triple-Double in Win

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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Draymond Green had a triple-double for Golden State with 16 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists as they clinched the series in Cleveland.

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  • Jake Gaming 6 years ago


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  • Andrew Navarro 6 years ago


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  • GetOutBR11 6 years ago

    props to the Warriors. 67 wins in the West and 58 15 point leads in 102
    games is NO joke. looking forward to what LeBron can do with a (hopefully)
    healthy Cavs team next year

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  • Kafi Hassan 6 years ago

    Now no ones can say first

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  • Ygor FeniXtreme 6 years ago

    Oin sou br hu3

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  • AddictedToGreatness 6 years ago

    It's hilarious how the Dubs got to celebrate their championship on the Cavs
    floor! Cavs fans booing them lol. I wish one of the Warrior players grabbed
    the mic form Doris Burke and shouted, "THE CURSE LIVES ON CLEVELAND!"

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  • Fed Maestro 6 years ago


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  • Hi Die 6 years ago

    The best forward in this series behind Iggy

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  • Austin Stenson 6 years ago

    Where are all those people who said Curry is a choker, who said Delly will
    lock him down, and the people who said Warriors are frauds and Cavs in
    4,5,6,7? Cavs have been Exposed.

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  • Curtis Brown 6 years ago

    Great to see Draymond go from playing like garbage to playing like a champ
    and winning the title.

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  • World Football 2 6 years ago

    +NBA please what's Triple-double mean ?

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  • JyMaster1 6 years ago

    Draymond Green is slept on. Dude really knows how to fill out a stat sheet

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  • Sai “LAKERS BRONCOS” Ramesh 6 years ago

    Max contract

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  • Trevor The Master 6 years ago

    Pistons are calling Dray's name in free agency.

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  • Dystopia1980 6 years ago

    Kerr was a genius in benching Lee for Draymond among other big changes he

    If Mark Jackson had stayed coach Warriors probably exit the Playoffs in the
    2nd round if not the first.

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  • GanGGreen2400 6 years ago

    The X factor

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  • Pretty Common Pepe 6 years ago

    That'll do Donkey, That'll do

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  • Dallas Jackson 6 years ago

    I'd expect him to get a big contract this summer with them. He's to
    valuable an asset and will likely be projected as an all-star next season.

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  • Master Mo 6 years ago

    Courtesy of NTJ "amazing as lebron is, he finds a way to dissapear in big
    moments. lebron fans dont want you to respect him they want you to worship
    2007 Finals - 35% FG and 6 turnovers a game, missed game tying shot, Game 4
    they lost by 1 point and he had 20 bricks, 6 turnovers, and 2/6 free throws.
    2008 - 35% FG, 5+ turnovers a game, 2/18 FG 10 turnovers in Game 1 with a
    missed game tying shot, even in Game 7 with 45 points he STILL played poor
    defense on Pierce who lit him up for 41 and sent him home
    2009 - tries to gaurd rafer alston, gets lit up for 26! commits 8 TOVs,
    orlando goes up 3-1, lose series
    2010 - the famous quit game in Game 5, 34% FG and 6 turnovers a game in
    Games 4-5-6 vs Boston
    2011 - no defense, showed up and outscored by a bench player, avg 2 ppg in
    4th Q, ONLY 8 pts game 4.
    2014 -STAT PADDING
    -outplayed by kawhi leonard in games 3-5. 8 pts 7 turnovers last 3 qtrs of
    game 3, only 9 points in first half while spurs opened 25 point lead in
    game 4, no points in 2nd half until spurs go up 21 in game 5.
    2015 shoots 38% and with 5 mins left in 4th qauter & OT of finals is total
    of 6-24 shooting. #clutch!

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  • Tautvydas Grigas 6 years ago

    hes currently a good player but in the future i think hes gonna be huge

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  • Warren Ye 6 years ago

    Warriors win!!!!! 105-97. Andre Iguodala getting finals MVP. Lebron gave up
    and Draymond green had a Triple-double.............

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  • Ajay Bandagonda 6 years ago

    Who wants to hear a joke? Dellavedova 

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  • Benjamin Woo 6 years ago


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  • SuperSoulSeeker 6 years ago

    Had the Cavs playing London ridges on that last assist. 1:14

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