Best of Phantom: Stephen Curry Sizzles in Game 5

Posted on : 06/15/2015
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See the best of Stephen Curry’s game 5 performance in Phantom super slow-motion.

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  • Donald Maxwell 6 years ago

    gsw have to play four games at home. no team was able to beat em twice in
    the regular season. no team can beat em twice at oracle arena. they have no
    lost 3 games in a row since 2013. come on guys. to be honest guys no team i
    the west can take this guys to a game 7. they may no have that much
    experience but this team have learnt the had way too.

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  • Jorge Villarejo 6 years ago

    The only reason Curry hasn't been playing like the MVP that he is cause
    Delavedova doesn't let him breath. He's guarding him like a guardian. 

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  • George Duarte 6 years ago

    Look at da flick of da wrist.

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  • Claire Hanson 6 years ago

    Best of Phantom: Stephen Curry Sizzles in Game 5:

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  • SpiderNips 6 years ago

    Damn Curry you crazy 12-year-old-lookin' mother fucker.

    You don't have to do 'em like that.

    They have faimlies, man.


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  • 2quann 6 years ago

    Cavs are going to have to get rid of Iman Shumpert If they want to even
    consider going anywhere next year.

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  • chaunci shuler 6 years ago

    Steph Curry is a dribble king!

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  • justin mcrae 6 years ago

    That face says it all

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  • Joshua Everest Isip 6 years ago

    Whenever Curry made a three I shouted, " YOU BEAST CURRY, YOU BEAST
    CURRY!!!!!" ??????

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  • Josiah Howard 6 years ago

    Finally, now everybody can shut up about delly being the curry stopper.

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  • Hawa Rauf 6 years ago

    Been cooking on the stove, Steph curry with the shots

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  • Radek Kovač 6 years ago

    Good job Delly, he dropped only 37pts :DDDD

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  • 84chevypickup 6 years ago

    Delabendova is another big nosed Chalmers.... Hahaha

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  • Dwight Lowery 6 years ago

    Golden state warriros is gonna win nba final in game 6 but if the cavs get
    lucky the it will be tie if tje lost no mvp for mr. Lebom 

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  • Ali chérif 6 years ago


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  • Chris56076 6 years ago

    Lebron fans are the worse.. They say "No Kyrie , No love No problem" when
    they won game 2 and 3. Now when they lose "Lebron can't do it by himself".
    Lebron has had Kyrie all playoffs so he wasn't by himself. Even after game
    1 Jr , shump , Mozgov and Thompson are help. Not superstars but help.
    That's why people say Lebron can't win without 2 stars which will be soon
    to be true Tuesday. Please dont' come at me saying kobe had 2 stars. He had
    1 which was pau gasol in 09 and 10... Lebron is good but not the best ever.
    He doesn't deserve Finals mvp if he loses because you don't awards losers
    and his field goal percentage is terrible especially being guarded by Iggy.
    When Lebron said he was the 'BEST". You never heard that out of MJ , Bird
    or Kobe mouth smh..

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  • moniteur jabol 6 years ago


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  • ‫יונתן בן משה‬‎ 6 years ago

    The new nba champion

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  • YoBoy Swervyy 6 years ago

    RIP to Dellys ankles

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  • salsadancer00 6 years ago

    Boy, to see Steph going at Kyrie like this BUT then to have Kyrie go right
    back at him! That would have been so nice to see! Maybe next year. To his
    credit, Delly's played over his head but he's offensively challenged.

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  • TBullets 6 years ago

    Imagine the sex Curry is going to have after this

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  • 510oaklandca 6 years ago

    Thizz face!!! RIP Mac Dre!!!

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  • Moonsabie 6 years ago

    Delly shirt wrist elbow puller.
    box out fall down roll rebound contender.
    flop on the ground ankle surgery fast break defender.

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  • immortal117 6 years ago

    The difficulty of his shots is just ridiculous. Crossover, dribble, step
    back 3pt with defender on him = crazy.

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