Best of Phantom: Curry and James in Epic Game 5 Duel

Posted on : 06/15/2015
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LeBron James lit up the box score with a triple-double but Stephen Curry’s Warriors prevailed behind his 37 points, see the best of both in super slow-mo.

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  • Jay cee 6 years ago

    even if LeBron loses he will still be the FMVP for carrying his team
    against GSW who has healthy stars and good role players

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  • Sirius Rogers. 6 years ago

    Steph burning an undrafted white back-up PG..yayyyyy top 5 PG all time.

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  • eatcheesekobe 6 years ago

    Not really a duel, just two epic performances. It almost became a duel,
    when LBJ made a 3 then Steph came right back and hit an are-you-kidding-me
    3, but Lebron didn't answer so the duel stopped right there. I was getting
    hyped to cause it brought back flashes of the old Tmac and Agent0 duel.

    Btw, if any of you haven't seen it before, definitely look up Tracy Mcgrady
    and Gilbert Arenas 3 pointers shootout

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  • Jonathan Kenley 6 years ago

    Blatt is a dumbass coach.

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  • 31dragun 6 years ago

    Curry is great but iverson was better

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  • oden52dof 6 years ago


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  • Matthew Savoy 6 years ago

    I hate the fucking music. Just show live footage

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  • Billy Jannequin 6 years ago

    *Alors plutôt **+LeBron James**​ ou **+Stephen Curry**​ ?*

    Les +Golden State Warriors​ ont repris l'avantage et ne sont plus qu'à 1
    victoire du titre +NBA​ !!

    *Go Warriorsssssss*

    #NBA #LBJ #GSW #Cavs #Basketball #NBAFinals

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  • Andre IggyDolla 6 years ago

    damn, Lebron use to play with intensity in his eyes and fire with passion
    all on the court... but he looks emotionless as if he knows he's outmatched
    which he is.. like he's just showing up to do the near impossible, to beat
    the best team this season while shorthanded. I dont get why people bashing
    Lebron with disrespectful childish jokes constantly.

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  • dean trammel 6 years ago

    The Fmvp will not go to a player on the losing side, curry has my vote up
    to now lets see what happens tomorrow

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  • Bryan Carrion 6 years ago

    EN mi opinio a Lebron james le tienen que dar el MVP porque el a escho
    mucho por su equipo y el solo a llevado a cleveland a las finales por que
    sin Lebron james cleveland no es nadie.

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  • Cj Treasure 6 years ago

    LeBron is playing his heart out, his team needs to step up and do the same.

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  • acoleman 6 years ago

    since when is hopping on the bandwagon a bad thing? haters stay salty

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  • Robert English 6 years ago

    Kevin Love should get traded for KD.

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  • Red Butterfly 6 years ago

    im a long time fan of him and still LEBRON the best for me..
    win or lose.. GO CAVS!

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  • Driv3ItLikeUStoleIt 6 years ago

    2-3 without two all-stars. I'm not a Cavaliers fan but it could have been a
    sweep if it wasn't for injuries

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  • Dwayne Johnson 6 years ago

    Im a warriors fan i hate LeBron but plz yall guve the man some respect he
    goin up against a all great team in history by himself he doin all he can
    just cant win by himself

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  • alexsteinboeck 6 years ago

    to end the curry is better than lebron conversation, imagine lebron on the
    warriors and steph on the cavs!!!!!! 4:0 +40/game

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  • JUKEBOXX1990 6 years ago

    Great series.

    Hope it reaches 7 games.

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  • Jorge Koom 6 years ago

    It will have a game 7

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  • bradynewf96 6 years ago

    How does LeBron get away with pushing everyone around every possession and
    than if someone still manages to steal the ball from him they get called
    for reaching. Te way LeBron plays he should have like 10-15 fouls a game

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  • LilHerbMusic 6 years ago


    Sports Highlights: #NBAFinals

    - Lil Herb AKA The Arrival

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  • Hadiah Alam 6 years ago


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  • sanjuanpapi 6 years ago

    To b the best ever or mount Rushmore, you need that clutch gene lbj lacks

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  • Ayaan Nadeem 6 years ago

    Where you at JJ Walker?

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