Best of Phantom: Andre Iguodala’s Big Game 4

Posted on : 06/12/2015
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See Andre Iguodala lifting the Warriors to a series tie through the lens of the Phantom slow-motion camera.

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  • asdfghjkl 6 years ago

    We totally outplayed the Cavs, just proves that we're the better team

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  • LoftyXsWaGX34 6 years ago

    Don't lie cavs fans that steal at :26 was sexy as shit.

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  • TheEpticKnifeParty !! 6 years ago

    Iggy is a beast

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  • Gabriel Jackson 6 years ago

    Iguana had a season high of 22..

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  • Justin Loc 6 years ago

    Throwback to 76ers days nuff said

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  • Haze Sports Videos 6 years ago

    HELLO! Please check out my pump up video of the nba finals! Every view
    appreciated and every like! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

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  • albert griffin 6 years ago

    Andre Iguodala is the only one who can match LeBron James as a athlete in
    this series

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  • Paul Robert Martinez 6 years ago

    Iggy came up big

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  • Poppa J Walker 6 years ago

    Iguodalas big dick in Riley Currys filthy snatch

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  • Daniel Hernandez 6 years ago

    Iggy 2015 Finals MVP!!

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  • TRoger809 6 years ago

    Not a warriors fan but i root for them because of iggy one of my favorite

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  • vehza 6 years ago

    Iggy's face at 0:39 is priceless. Lmfaooo

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  • TheHeadHunterProject 6 years ago


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  • the1kamikaze 6 years ago

    DAMN! it's quiet in Cleveland.

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  • Chris Miller 6 years ago

    I love that after getting blocked by, I think it was Smith, Andre Iguodala
    tried to give him a high-five for a great block. Too bad he was left
    hanging. Great sportsmanship on Iguodala's part.

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  • Alan Reyes 6 years ago

    He deserves the championship 

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  • Marco Antonio 6 years ago

    The name of the music please.

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  • Hannah Baldovino 6 years ago

    Eh curry is always gonna be the mvp 

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  • O. Oja 6 years ago

    Real MVP on Warriors team

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  • Mário Pereira Morais 6 years ago

    grand movi do dala

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  • phOeNIX_AzGhost 6 years ago

    You guys see Lebron get mad When Iggy stole the ball? Lol 

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  • Giannis A. 6 years ago

    Track ID?

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  • FrankoiNHD 6 years ago

    Fuck the NBA for not giving all the spurs players a video every minute. NBA
    always hates on greatness and real basketball.

    Spurs 2015 champs. Kawhi will lock up Lebron again like he did in 2014

    Lebron will lose 3 straight finals for his lossPeat

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  • Giannis A. 6 years ago

    Track ID?

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  • JJ Stalker 6 years ago

    5 facts about Iguodala:
    Looks like a fish
    Will retire ringless
    Cant beat lebron 1on1

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