Andre Iguodala Receives 2015 Finals MVP Trophy

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver presents the Bill Russell Award to Finals MVP Andre Iguodala.

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  • F% liars 6 years ago

    Steph Curry didn't play well during the finals? he looks great on the
    games' highlights no?

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  • Adrian Moore 6 years ago

    Who is it going to be next year

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  • Jamel Williams 6 years ago

    Andre Ig, Let's go man!!! You deserve it!!#GSW #2015Champs!!

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  • Andy Hernenez 6 years ago

    congrats iggy

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  • iko jame 6 years ago

    (Go! Go!)
    Go big or go home
    (Go! Go!)
    Go big or go home
    (Go! Go!)
    Go big or go home
    (Go! Go!)
    Go big or go home
    (Go! Go!)
    Go big or go home

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  • madzEr017 6 years ago

    Pretty much if you defend LeBron and your team wins you'll be MVP. Andre
    learnt from Kawhi, and he was like "no starting call up all season, no
    problem. I'll defend the King and look good for MVP votes" haha. But real
    talk GSW are great champions they were the deserving winners and as much as
    I don't agree with Andre getting that gold, he did the most important thing
    in this series, which was defending the best player on the opposing side
    well in isolation play so as to not allow him to dictate play. Worked for
    Kawhi and now it worked for Andre. Anyway season done, hopefully the King
    comes back next year for vengeance.

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  • Elton Ray Dyer 6 years ago

    No one was healthy this year noooooo one ....warriors the only team that
    were healthy.. Every. Team warriors played in the play offs. Had a injured
    point guard so sad an they struggled with the cavs? Spurs would have swept.
    Them like bak in 07 mark my words warriors wont get passed san antonio next
    year if were healthy you guys. Fear the black an silver go spurs. Go

    GOT 'EM(0)NAH(0)
  • Damien Williams 6 years ago

    The day after the team of believers wins a championship the enemy distracts
    us with a massacre in the house of God in Charleston SC
    But I'm reposting this video to remind you that we are more than conquerors
    and to not be moved from your faith nor forgetful in his power goodness and
    faithfulness but to continue to rejoice in the triumphant name of Jesus

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  • Maudiis42 6 years ago

    Sad to see Bill Russell looking unwell lets hope it is short term and he
    can be there for may more years to come. #getwellBillRussell

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  • Geometry dash Jobro 6 years ago

    wait whoo got finals MVP?

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  • Hagle234 6 years ago

    LeBron James was the Most Valuable Player of this Finals. Igoudala had a
    good series but his performance pales in comparison with what LeBron did.
    There's no rule that says the Finals MVP has to be on the winning team.
    Just ask Jerry West.

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  • iphrank 6 years ago

    Great basketball player + great personality

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  • Brendan B 6 years ago

    No disrespect to Iguodala, but this was one of the worst Finals MVPs in
    history. A mere 16.6 PPG gets you an MVP? The media is trying too hard to
    get a storyline out of this. And on top of that, LeBron James had the best
    finals performance ever.

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  • yoe91 6 years ago

    those speeches are always the worst.....

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  • Rodolfo Rivera 6 years ago

    Remy Martin you are a dumbfuck. Legends never die like Micheal Jordan. He
    is the best not gay ass curry.

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  • Savage Moe 6 years ago

    Wow andre son look like that's my dad amazing lol

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  • mranklebreaker12 6 years ago

    Real NBA Finals Stats for Andre Iguodala
    40% Shooting from behind the 3 point line
    35.7% Shooting from the Free Throw Line

    Absolute mind fuck

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  • Masterpsflood 6 years ago

    This is an insult to Stephan Curry and more importantly Lebron James

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  • tfla11 6 years ago

    Oh great there's going to be a lot of flopping next year finals when Cavs
    play just like when the Heat won the title against Thunder. Cavs training
    camp will be all about flopping by the captain himself Leflop. I hope
    either the Spurs, Warriors, or OKC destroy them next year or for God sake
    someone please step up from the East I'm getting real tired of the same guy
    makes it to the finals.

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  • chris yi 6 years ago

    Fuck you all GSW fan we will be back you just got lucky Kevin love kyrie
    Irving and Anderson varejao were injured before it started and honestly but
    we will back though Dubnation for Cavs 2016!!!!

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  • Jayson “TheWiseMan” Blackhair 6 years ago

    Look at those Pathetic Cavaliers fans booing. They are gonna cry until next
    season because their best player can't shoot all great over Iggy.

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  • ThePancakeGuy 6 years ago

    Steph curry with the shot. Not MVP

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  • Nathan Shank 6 years ago

    Cavs fans sound more mad that Lebron didn't win MVP than they are that they
    lost the finals

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  • Chris Jennings 6 years ago

    why are people saying Lebron had the greatest finals performance just
    because he led in 2 category. That's stupid because Hakeem led in four
    categories and you don't see people bragging

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  • Shaquille O'Neal 6 years ago

    Iggy winning this award is just disrespectful

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