2015 NBA Finals: Game 6 Minimovie

Posted on : 06/17/2015
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For the first time in 40 years, the Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions. Here’s an all-access pass to the Warriors series-clinching Game 6, highlighted by a team-high-tying 25 points from Finals MVP Andre Iguodala – and capped off by an inside look at the long-awaited celebration.

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  • KingPimpyMax 6 years ago

    I thought they should have been starting iggy since the beginning of the

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  • Cookieop 6 years ago

    3:57 curry has a hole in his leggings or keeings

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  • wilxl luthor 6 years ago

    5:30 Shaun Livingston: "People don't understand how long a journey it is to
    get here... 12 years (Barbosa)...11 years (Livingston). People play their
    whole careers and never get a championship. We got one. We earned it too."
    So true. Congratulations Golden State.

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  • jose aristides figuereo santana 6 years ago

    Lo que mas me gusto Lebrón la cara que tenia . Felicidades a los campeones

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  • jose aristides figuereo santana 6 years ago

    Lo que mas me gusto Lebrón la cara que tenia . Felicidades a los campeones

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  • Branden Perez 6 years ago

    Cavs fans be like all in lmfao

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  • xuan ken 6 years ago

    yean, me 2 i want to see the cavs locker room too. O_o

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  • aze606 6 years ago

    no kyrie no kevin love. lebron out there playing 1 on 5.

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  • Alex Cora 6 years ago

    LeBron may have 4 MVP's but he can't play...a lot of players are better
    than him...he was the best player in the world...fuck those awards if he
    can't play now 

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  • Marco Floris 6 years ago

    1:39=sing for the moment-eminem

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  • Amber Luna 6 years ago

    Lebron was never gonna go to the finals if he never got
    mosgovs,shumpert,Smith,and jones 

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  • Elijah Maycon 6 years ago

    You hill Billy's of Ohio can't win anything! You ain't got nothing on the
    Bay Area! Go warriors! That's coming from a real Bay Area native. Teams of
    the nba fear the Bay Area.

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  • Lucas Banegas 6 years ago

    0:40 thats why we hate him

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  • CaRon Bell 6 years ago

    I know Shaun Livingston happy as fuck he left the Cavs ??

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  • Kreshcheniye Yosifov 6 years ago

    Shudda just stayed in Miami............

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  • Kreshcheniye Yosifov 6 years ago

    You fucking retards arguing back and forth have no lives........... no I'm
    not sorry. It's the truth.

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  • andydufresne87 6 years ago

    Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Wilkins, Iverson, Maravich, Miller, English,
    Carter, Hill, Webber, Ewing, Gervin etc., never won a championship and this
    guy Curry got it so easily. Today's NBA is a mockery...

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  • Jimmie Robinson 6 years ago

    I'm not a lebron fan but he did amazing

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  • Tarik G. 6 years ago

    I don't like coach blatt

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  • Suyoung Hwang 6 years ago

    0:39 I feel confident..

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  • Steph Peters 6 years ago

    Ha LeBron James says he's the best in the world then he got smashed "James
    who's the best now sucker"

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  • Christian Aries 6 years ago

    Thunder Vs Cavs 2017 Nba Finals thaw would be exciting

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  • super carnitas 6 years ago

    Mike miller so queer, slapping lebrons ass @2:12

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  • Toph Beifong 6 years ago

    You know, I think Kerr is a far superior coach and just all around cooler
    guy to be around, but even as a Warriors fan I listened to some of Blatts
    coach motivational talk, it was pretty inspiring. Just thought i'd give at
    least a little credit to the guy nobody seemed to even talk about during
    the finals.

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  • Badangel30 6 years ago

    Did Kobe Bryant die? Lebron must be outta his mind.... Best player in the
    world????!! SMH...... Kobe must've been laughing his ass off when Lebron
    said that.....

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