Ultimate Three Point Shooting Drills: NBA Basketball Shooting Drills

Published on 03/22/2016 by


Today I wanted to go over my favorite three point basketball shooting drills. These are perfect to work on shooting off of reactions and locating your target quickly. These type of drills are extremely important because in an actual game you very rarely get a regular catch and shoot shot. So by modifying our drills we can simulate that re-targeting and reactions that is so critical to being a great in-game shooter!

Ever wonder how NBA shooters like Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant have such smooth three point shots? These drills will help you develop a lights-out range just like them!

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet.

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  • Alehandro Jenkins 5 years ago

    Can you do a half court shot drill

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  • Kobe Bryant 5 years ago

    Five min video

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  • Kole Pearl 5 years ago

    They were all the same drill

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  • MMJ Gaming 5 years ago

    Ray Allen shooting secrets please

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  • NerdNowlege 5 years ago

    Some 1 person 3 point drills

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  • Daniel Clack 5 years ago

    in the 30 minutes I did this, my 3 point shot increased drastically. Thank
    you so much for the help. A dribbling moves video will be great. thanks!!

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  • Andreas Schreiber 5 years ago

    loving the drills. might suggest it to my coach for preseason. you every
    play overseas?

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  • Ricardo Lyles 5 years ago

    Coach C Please Do Melo Trimble #

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  • Dingus King 5 years ago

    1:09 did he air ball on purpose????

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  • Liam Dalengend 5 years ago

    This is great coach! You can basically do this drill (not as effective) on
    your own too.

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