Tracy McGrady: NBA Shooting Secrets

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So here is our new episode of NBA Shooting Secrets with Tracy McGrady. Today we break down the reasons Tracy McGrady was one of the scoring greats and how he used his jumper as a weapon. His mechanics allowed him to be one of the best scorers and shooters in the league! Learn how to apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • theravenousbeast 6 years ago

    I loved T-Mac but he wasn't that great of a shooter. Fairly inconsistent,
    in fact.

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  • Duc Tran 6 years ago

    I prefer thigh gaps

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  • Thee Hayden Curry 6 years ago

    Matthew dellivoda shooting secrets

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  • Thee Hayden Curry 6 years ago

    who watching in 2015

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  • Steven Miller 6 years ago


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  • Luis Moises Colon 5 years ago

    damn tmac had a silky smooth jumper

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  • John L fitness 5 years ago

    super gay

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  • TheDunya2012 5 years ago

    On 5 seconds he looks like thedore from alvin and the chickmunks lol

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  • Luke Aura 5 years ago

    Doesnt he have a mini thumb flick too?

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  • Benjamin Chang 5 years ago

    Holy shit left leg kick? That's insane

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