Top 3 Stephen Curry Shooting Drills off the Catch

Published on 09/14/2016 by (FREE WORKOUT)

Dr. Dish:
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Welcome to our video on my top three favorite shooting drills to help you shoot like Stephen Curry. Stephen is one of the best shooters in history when it comes to knocking down shots off the move. So today you’ll learn the best drills to hone your shooting form and muscle memory just like he does. Get your reps in on these and see see just how many more in game shots you can hit!

Side note: Dr. Dish is not a sponsor and I was not paid for this content. They did however invite me to their world headquarters to try the machine and shoot some videos for you. BUT I LOVED the learn Dr. Dish so don’t be surprised if they’re a future sponsor because they’re awesome 😉

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet.

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  • pgolfcrafters1 5 years ago

    wel done coach

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  • Ryan Salvador 5 years ago

    kobe foot work drills pleaseee

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  • Armand Mukando 5 years ago

    breakdown Jeremy Lin shot

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  • Trieu Ngo 5 years ago

    how to sell the pump fake

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  • James Cha 5 years ago

    Nice job keep good work. Pro shot system my first shooting video I watch in
    youtube. I saw video u2 interviewing that was cool. pretty much same
    concept of shooting. If wasn't for pro shot or you my shot would been
    inconsistent why I was looking for shooting tip in youtube and found pro
    shot system. Now my shooting been light out cuz straight shot alignment.
    anyway keep the good work

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  • Jacob Curtis 5 years ago

    how to do curry floaters

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  • Bball Life 5 years ago

    how to block

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  • C Weldon 5 years ago

    When you get the chance can you do J.J. Redick's shooting techniques?

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  • Kyle Stagoll 5 years ago

    is that a travel when he catches the ball then does the little 2 foot jump
    before the shot?

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  • Evelyn Cabantog 5 years ago

    hello Stephen curry you are the MVP I am Kevin I am your number one fan
    pleas give me a thumbs up

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