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Here is our how to breakdown of Steve Nash’s signature Runner Move. Other shifty NBA players like Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Rajon Rondo and Jeremy Lin use this to finish in the midrange. Now go destroy some defenders!!!

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This episode of Shot Mechanics is brought to you by the 10-Minute Shooting Trainer. Great shooters are not born they are made and all it takes is 10 minutes a day. This digital download is guaranteed to increase your shooting percentage, constancy, and range. Just enter the promo code “hoops” for 40% off and become a Shot Mechanics lights out shooter. Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and today let’s learn Steve Nash’s signature runner. So Steve Nash is by no means the most athletic guard to ever enter the NBA I’m not even sure he can dunk but what he does have is a series of tricks and crafty moves that are awesome especially when he gets around the basket to finish. He is especially good at finishing off of 1 foot from around 15 feet before he gets to the big men. The runner allows Steve Nash to keep him moving away from the defender he just beat but also get up a shot before the bigs can block him. So here is the move. So this move is great for when you beat your first defender but the second defender does not fully commit to guarding you. This move works perfectly for undersized guards who are looking to get the ball over a taller help side defender. So to begin this move you need to somehow beat your defender. In this case Steve Nash uses an awesome pump fake to get his defender in the air. Next you want to read the help side defender. In this case the defender is kinda stuck in no-mans land. Not fully committed to stopping Steve Nash but you can tell he is thinking about it. The reason Steve Nash gets this shot so much is because defenders are so worried about his passing ability. So when the defender doesn’t fully commit. Steve Nash plants off his left foot to begin his runner. Like what you see so far? Help us grow with a like, comment and a subscription. S he’s shooting notice how his elbow is perfectly under the ball. Just like an normal jump shot this gives him optimal control and makes it so he can’t miss left or right. A major reason most players miss the runner is because their elbow points out causing them to miss eith left or right. And the last key to the runner is the follow through. Steve Nash always follows though just like a normal jump shot. He finishes with his fingers to the floor and his shooting hip, shoulder, and elbow all perfectly align with the basket. Just like a normal jump shot pretend you are putting your middle finger inside of the hoop. So remember the keys to the runner. Beat your man and continue your momentum forward, keep your elbow underneath the ball on the shot and hold that follow though just like a normal jump shot. Well you guys know what time it is and because you are the best fans on the internet we are going to do another jersey giveaway. So we are going to give away another Paul George jersey courtesy of our sponsor Check them out for awesome NBA replica jerseys, hats, and shoes. All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment down below saying “thank you ” and tag 3 friends on Google+ if you have not yet you can be awesome by hitting the subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner or check out our website where we have even more moves, drill, tips, and tutorials that are 100% free. As always I’, coach Collin Castellaw with Shot you cats are awesome and I hope you enjoyed.

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