Stephen Curry Part 2: NBA Shooting Secrets

Published on 06/12/2014 by

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So here is Part 2 of Stephen Curry NBA Shooting Secrets. Today we break down 3 more reasons Stephen Curry is not only the best shooter in the game right now, but possibly all time. Apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • Eme Marti 5 years ago

    After this video I SHOULD be balling like steff

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  • gcasillas1213 5 years ago

    Ok so I need some input. I've noticed that my shot has gotten better ever
    since I started throwing my shoulder into the shot, not sure if you follow
    me. So when I shoot I basically throw my arm along with the shoulder and I
    feel that it helps. I just want to know if this is beneficial or if it will
    hurt me in the long run.

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  • Brad Jogs 5 years ago

    thanks man

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  • May Lando Apolinaria 5 years ago

    how to sweep and sway like steph?

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  • Night Knight 5 years ago

    How to shot??

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  • Abdullahi Ahmed 5 years ago

    Video starts at :35?

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  • ProGamerBrad 5 years ago

    ShotMechanics where is part 3????

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  • Under Armor Boy 5 years ago

    Tremendous video coach

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  • Gladwin Chu 5 years ago

    Part 3 plz!

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  • Fanchea Obrien 5 years ago

    why are your arm pits hairy

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