Ricky Rubio Roundabout Pass: Basketball Moves

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This an awesome Ricky Rubio basketball move. Some of the best passers like Ricky Rubio, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Rajon Rondo all use this move to find an open teammate. Master this pass and you will we very hard to stop when driving the baseline. Check us out at www.shotmechanics.com for our ever growing collection of FREE skill videos!

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Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics.com and today you are going to learn the Ricky Rubio Roundabout. That’s a lot of R’s. One of the reasons that makes Ricky Rubio such a good passer and so good at this move is his patience. He is phenomenal at waiting for the gap to open at just the right time before he gives his teammate the ball. So let’s take a look at it. Alright so the play starts with Ricky Rubio drives baseline. As he starts to go on the baseline he notices that the other posts defender has now switched to him. So in a split second he knows that his man must be guarding the opposite post. So Ricky Rubio continues looping around to give himself a better passing angle. he puts the ball high because he knows the defender Jason Kidd won;t be able to get to it. This puts his teammate in an awesome position and the smaller defender doesn’t stand a chance. Just remember there is not rule that says you HAVE to leave your feet going baseline. Always keep your eyes up to see all options. Sometime holding the ball a little longer is the best thing you can do. Remember be patient and you too can drop dimes just like Ricky Rubio. Thank you so much for watching our video and if you would like you can hit the subscibe butoon in the bottom right hand corner and stay connected to get all of our videos as soon as they come out. If you want to learn more moves you can either check out one of our channels playlists or you can click on eof these annotations in the top right corner to learn our newest moves. You can also show us some love by liking this video or commenting down below or sharing it on some sort of social media. And we do take requests if you would like to see a specific player or specific move leave it in the comment section down below and we will add it to the list. If you haven’t yet check out our website www.shotmechanics.com where we have even more moves, drills, and videos that are not featured on YouTube. Again I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics.com thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!

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