Paul George Shooting Form: Shooting Secrets

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Here is our breakdown of Paul George’s Shooting Secrets. Today we break down three mechanics that Paul George uses to hit big time shots. These are some of the exact same keys that other lights out scorers like Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson use to hit shots. Try adding some of these tips to your jumper and see how much it can help you!

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  • Tammy Wiidy 5 years ago


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  • Nathaniel Amihan 5 years ago

    thank you for giving tips to make my shooting accurate

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  • Nathaniel Amihan 5 years ago

    can you plss do tony parker shooting form

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  • Anson Wu 5 years ago

    Do u have any tips to keep my elbow straight I saw ur video about the elbow
    but it's still not working.Do u think shooting without a basketball can
    help my problem?

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  • Martinne Rosario 5 years ago

    Zach LaVine shot mechanics pls

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  • Gabriel Joson 5 years ago

    i shoot like Paul George now

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  • Alex Tsats 5 years ago

    i have a question should i change the angle in the elbow of my shooting arm
    or not?

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  • Anthony Aguilar 5 years ago

    I'M A VERY GOOD SPLIT FINGER SHOOTER!!! I just forced myself to shoot with
    my middle finger and tried to shoot like steph and kyrie

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  • PuRpLe ReAlMs 5 years ago

    my favorite nba player

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  • Gabriel Winston 5 years ago

    Can you please help me out I struggle to get the snap in my wrist when I
    try to work on raising my set point and some people have noticed that I
    take my guide hand off a little too early sometimes and it can look like I
    shoot one handed I'm trying to model my jumper off of Paul George can you
    help me

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