Paul George One Motion Shot: How To Shoot A Basketball

Published on 08/20/2014 by


So here is our breakdown of the one motion shot featuring Paul George. Today we break down the advantage to a one motion shot by looking at NBA players Paul George, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James’s shooting form. See if you can fit the one motion into your mechanics and extend your range overnight!

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  • aadriana rowell 6 years ago

    Paul George shooting secret part2

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  • Beast Mode 5 years ago

    Paul told him to stop

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  • Tim Richmond 5 years ago

    can you do rudy gay

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  • david rivas 5 years ago

    can you show the shotmechanics about manu ginobili ?' thanks. excelent

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  • joshua caratao 5 years ago

    Finally I know what each one is called. I've been a 1 motion shooter before
    but even though it has increased my range, I have less accuracy than with
    my 2 motion shot. Now that I've been practicing a lot more with my 2 motion
    I think it has gotten better range. Like you said though, my 2 motion shots
    have less arc and it kind of bothers me. However, I still do some 1 motion
    shooting just in case I shoot from afar.

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  • joshua caratao 5 years ago

    Oh, so my 2 motion shot is pretty much Paul George's. I don't pause till
    the climax of my jump but not because it feels better but I just won't have
    the strength to get it all the way to the basket.

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  • jose jimenez 5 years ago

    can you show how to do pull up like kobe

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  • alfred plaster 5 years ago

    if you don't want to get better get the fuck of the page ya liven like
    larry head ass ya prickle berry head ass bitch

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  • Uncle Bernard 5 years ago

    You know how most kid players or female players' set point is at their
    shoulder or chest? I've never seen someone shoot like that that was 2
    motion. Always 1 motion. Lol

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  • CoDELITE3 5 years ago

    this helps a lot on my shooting form at first I was hitting the rim like
    crazy, but now I'm shooting all net from anywhere I shoot. Thanks a lot
    you're a huge help

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