One Motion Shot Vs Two Motion Shot: How to Shoot a Basketball

Published on 10/29/2015 by (FREE WORKOUT)

Today you will learn the key to getting perfect one motion basketball shot. Many players have too flat of a shot arc because they are two motion shooters. The odds are that a two motion shot will hurt your shooting percentage. So try these tips out and see if a one motion shot is something that you should add to your game!

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  • William ElHallak 5 years ago

    Klay Thompson is a 2 motion shooter buddy

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  • TimBone A 5 years ago

    A 2 motion shot is when you don't have a 90 degree pit angle so in speaking
    a lot of people have 2 motion shits and don't even know. Strong examples
    include Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant

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  • innocent sichilima 5 years ago

    my main shooting problem is the tumb on my shooting hand we need intel on
    finger placement

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  • Naquann 412 5 years ago

    im a skinny 12 year old boy whos 5.4 Feet , and i cant shoot a fucking 3
    pointer , i have to look retarted to make one , i try one motion and its
    still not working , i try to exorcise so i can hopefully make 1 3 pointer
    with form but , still doesnt work , im weak af and its pissing me offffff.

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  • Ladarel Mcfannn 5 years ago

    can you still have a set point when using a one motion shot

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  • Paolo D 5 years ago

    coach, would it still be a flat arc if we have a two motion shot, but our
    set point is in front of our face?

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  • Angry Mobsters 5 years ago

    Question so I broke my left index finger in my dominant hand ( Left ) I was
    a 1 motion shot at the time, but since I broke my index finger I wanted to
    learn how to shoot right handed. Turns out I'm a hell of alot better with
    my right hand and never went back to left cause of it although me using
    right also worked because I switched to hitch , it worked way better than a
    one motion for me, problem is since it's my non dominant hand I don't have
    enough strength to shoot the three ball, I only shoot inside and anywhere
    from midrange, but threes aren't working for me. What can I do to increase
    my range for my non dominant hand

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  • Angry Mobsters 5 years ago

    Bill Cartwright has a 10 motion shot

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  • Johonan andrew gomes 5 years ago

    coach isaiah thomas is 5.9 but he has a 2 motion shot

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