Michael Jordan Dribble Dance Drill (Part 3): Basketball Drills

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The Michael Jordan Dribble Dance drill part 3 is a staple for any handler. From preps to pros everyone should get their reps in on this! Use this drill to develop a lightning quick handle like Michael use to use to set up his defenders. This drill is a must for anyone looking to improve.

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  • Buchnick Roei 6 years ago

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  • Are You “You Mad” Mad Bruh? 6 years ago

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  • Zion Brown 6 years ago

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  • Anthony Alfaro 6 years ago

    Can you do Derek fishers shooting mechanics?

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  • FuzionTwisttt 6 years ago

    Can you please make a vid on higher arc, I try all the time but it's not
    comfortable.. I shoot when the top of the ball is at my eyes.

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  • Carolina Berina 6 years ago

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  • Gabriel Estopinan 6 years ago

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