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Here is our how to breakdown of Matthew Dellavedova locks down the best scorer Stephen Curry. He is a master at applying pressure to the offense and making it very hard for them to operate. Learn these keys and you will be locking your man down just like Delly!

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  • Zavier Daza 5 years ago

    i actually apply this to my game..and suprisingly it work effectively!!

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  • Kings Time 5 years ago

    How to Mathew delavedova defense just make them mad or hit them in the nuts

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  • LJ Bates 5 years ago

    do james harden defense???

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  • twisted fate 5 years ago

    i have a drill that improves your defense really fast but (like my comment
    or reply if you like my drill)kinda dangerous but here it is you go to some
    kind of small apartment stairs with close together railings and then you
    run up the stairs backwards in a defensive position so being low and legs
    wide out and back straight and stuff. you try to do this as fast as
    possible and keep doing it. when you lose balance and are about to fall
    (dangerous part) you quickly hold your self up by the 2 railings of the
    stairs that are close enough for you to grab so it has to be in a small
    stair way or else the danger of it goes up by a lot so have your hands
    close to the railings to grab it if you fall i haven't fallen yet so try it
    i have been doing it and i have seen great results :)

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  • nonoback22 5 years ago

    There's somethings u can't teach

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  • Natalie Sandoval 5 years ago

    Hack down defense

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  • Under Armor Boy 5 years ago

    Stephen curry defense

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  • Callum Brown 5 years ago

    It is easy to get tight to players man , but stealing the ball is more

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  • Like Mike 5 years ago

    hey can you tell me how to guard taller guy who is about 4-5 inches taller
    than me

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  • RO Gaming 5 years ago

    i mean....that s better than that guy with 500k views who was fouling when
    defending tight XD

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