Kyrie Irving VS. Brandon Knight Crossover Stepback Move: Basketball Moves

Published on 12/31/2013 by

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Here is our how to breakdown of Kyrie Irving’s signature Crossover Stepback Move. Other shifty NBA players like Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, and Jeremy Lin use this to get great separation from their defenders and break some ankles at the same time!

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This video is brought to you by Free grift card rewards for trying out cool apps. Go to and enter our invitation code c1678180. If you love our content you can put some wind in our sails by trying out AppNana and entering our code. Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and this is Kyrie Irving’s famous Brandon Knight dropping Stepback Move. This move really put Kyrie Irving on the map as one of the Best up and coming NBA point guards. So let;s learn this devastatingly quick and effective combo move that you can use to drop your defender with. So this move is basically just an extra step off of the In and Out Crossover Move. Click the box in the upper left hand corner to learn the In and Out Crossover from Stephen Curry. So the combo begins with a behind the back dribble. This makes Brandon Knight drop his back foot. As Brandon Knight slides slightly out of position Kyrie hits him with the in and out cross. Because of Kyrie’s quick lateral in and out it forces Brandon Knight to be in a stretched out stance. Brandon Knight leaves his feet to hop step to try to cut Kyrie Irving off. Kyries has already decided to shoot the stepback and plants hard off of his front foot to get separation. His excellent timing and separation forces Brandon Knight to jump while his feet are too close together. To finish the play notice how Kyrie gathers his momentum so he is not fading away too much. Also check out how he gets his shooting hip, shoulder, and elbow perfectly aligned with the basket. He gets his eyes on target and it’s over. So remember all you have to do is get your defender to drop that back foot and then step back away from them to get extra separation and it will be really hard for them to recover. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to show us a little love with a like, comment, or a subscription. Don’t forget you can also help us out by visiting and entering our code. And because you guys are so awesome we are going to give ya a chance to win this Kobe Bryant USA jersey courtesy of our sponsor Go check um out for unbelievably good deals on replica NBA jerseys, shoes, and hats. Just leave a comment down below and tag 3 friends on Google+. And that is about all there is to it. Now if you want to stay connected with Shot Mechanics you can either join us on Google+, check out our free website where we have even more free moves, trills, tips, and tutorials that are not on YouTube, or you can follow us on Instagram and we are @shotmechaincs. Again I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot I can’t thank ya enough for watching our video and I hope you enjoyed!

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