Kyrie Irving Shooting Form (Part 2): NBA Shooting Secrets

Published on 03/14/2015 by


So here is our second part of NBA Shooting Secrets Kyrie Irving edition. Today we break down the 3 more reasons Kyrie Irving is not only one of the best shooters in the game right now, but possibly one of the all time great 1 on 1 players. Apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • ki_jelly w 5 years ago

    Part 3

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  • firstladie01 5 years ago

    Kyrie Irving shooting form now with wide stance. plz

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  • Elliot Smith 5 years ago

    Next do how to get a 90 pit angle

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  • Raymond Navarro 5 years ago

    The off hand thumb flick ads more space for error, can makes shot less
    consistent, can also cause bad rotation, and is usually a habit picked up
    when kids were young and to weak to shoot with one hand so they used the
    thumb help it get there and just kept doing it as they get older. Im not a
    fan of it. The only good shooter ive ever seen who uses a thumb flick is

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  • Michelle welch 5 years ago

    Doug McDermott

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  • Liz Regis 5 years ago

    I like Kyrie's shot but it doesn't work for me

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  • Liz Regis 5 years ago

    I need a ray one or a korver one please tell me if there's any

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  • Tay Irving 5 years ago

    can you do a kyrie Irving part 3 with more facts and the 90 pit angle plz
    it will be nivet

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  • שחר נוימן 5 years ago

    can you make a video about ball rotation


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  • Cody Paugh 5 years ago

    Does Kyrie Irving still do the thumb flick today even?

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