Kevin Love: NBA Shooting Secrets

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So here is our new episode of NBA Shooting Secrets with Kevin Love. Today we break down the reasons Kevin Love has adapted his jumper to his own form and comfortability. His mechanics allowed him to be one of the best big man scorers in the league! Learn how to apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • marcus Guteirrez 6 years ago

    coach do u got any tips on how to be able to get the strength to shoot
    above your eye.

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  • wessee427 6 years ago

    tip toe worked great for me increased the arc of my 3pt shot maing me shoot
    more consistently on threes thanks coach!!!

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  • Kelsey Stoinski 6 years ago

    I used to shoot with my heels on the ground in which I had great range and
    arc, however I wanted to make my shot faster by shooting on the balls of my
    feet and I did. But i am having trouble readjusting my release timing which
    causes me to have less range and arc causing me to miss to the sides. Any
    comments would be helpful, thanks.

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  • Scully Howard 6 years ago

    Thanks it works

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  • Scully Howard 6 years ago

    And do klay thompson

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  • Magic Mike 5 years ago

    You should do a melo move set break down or something like that

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  • Trevor Kerr 5 years ago

    my shot was similar to this already but now its really grat thanks for the
    advice coach?

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  • Travis Noack 5 years ago

    Do you think you can make a Kevin Love shooting blueprint video for me
    because I'm trying to pull off Kevin loves shooting form so please do this
    for me a subscribe member of Shotmechanics.

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  • Travis Noack 5 years ago

    I also need to know if he is a one handed shooter or a two handed shooter.

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  • ggfool 5 years ago

    Can you do more videos for Kevin love???

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