Kevin Durant Shooting Form (Part 2): Shooting Secrets

Published on 11/06/2015 by

Welcome to Shooting Secrets Kevin Durant edition (part 2)… Today we break down 3 more reasons Kevin Durant is not only one of the best shooters in the game right now, but possibly all time. Apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • Chetwynd Brown 5 years ago

    Off the dribble j and tracy mcgrady shooting secrets 

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  • Bleach 5 years ago


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  • Baruch Trotman 5 years ago


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  • 5kouji7 5 years ago

    John Stockton

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  • Silver Pisces 5 years ago

    who would win though Klay, Lebron, Durant, or Bird

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  • Preet Patel 5 years ago

    KD has the best shooting form in the NBA imo

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  • Mister Pancakes 5 years ago

    Coach, can you make a part 3 on Durant? I feel like there is more to talk
    about with his Jumper, like how he sets his feet and legs. it's different
    from other shooters in the league and a little more on his release and
    footwork, etc. Please Make Another Video On KD!
    -Thanks for your time love the videos, Sincerely, the next KD thanks to you

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  • Даниил Исаев 5 years ago

    Kd part 3

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  • Raw Axz Jay 5 years ago

    Coach more Nick young moves and shooting

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  • Clone Tv 5 years ago

    Please Do Blueprint Kobe Bryant Coach.

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