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Here is Kevin Durant’s double crossover basketball move. Kevin Durant uses this killer combination of crossovers to get his defenders on skates. Learn the double crossover move and leave your defender in the dust just like Kevin Durant. Check us out at for our ever growing collection of skill videos!

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Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot
and today we are going to learn the Kevin Durant Double Crossover. Now the Double Crossover is an awesome combination move that Kevin Durant uses to get his defenders on skates. Let’s check it out and hopefully you can learn to do this move to your defender. Alright so the move begins with the initial crossover, notice how KD really hangs the ball out to make it a killer crossover. This is to get the defender sliding out of position so you can cross him up the next time. So as the defenders out of position they swing their back leg all the way around making it the front leg. When their hips are rotating that is when KD hits them with the second crossover to really put them out of position. And as soon as his hips are by theirs, they are beat! Kevin Durant also does a little head fake and holds the ball out just a little bit further on his crossover to really sell it. It is all about that change of speed and change of direction. And that is it, that’s the Kevin Durant Double Crossover. All you have to do is practice this move and you will have your defender on skates breaking ankles in no time. Thank you so much for watching our video and if you liked this and you want more of it hit the subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner. You can also help us out with a like, comment, or share this on any sort of social media. If you want more moves tutorials you can click the annotations right up here and they will take you straight to our newest move tutorials. If you want more free information feel free to go to our website or click here for more free moves, drills, and videos that are not on YouTube. we are really excited about this and want to keep growing our community so go to the website sign up and stay in the loop. Again I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot, thanks for watching and you cats are awesome!

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