Kemba Walker: NBA Shooting Secrets

Published on 01/10/2015 by


So here is our new episode of NBA Shooting Secrets with Kemba Walker. Today we break down the top 3 reasons Kemba Walker has adapted his shot and form to fit his comfort and style. Learn how to apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • Isaiah Simon 6 years ago

    Is Kemba a two-motion shooter or a one-motion, because now that I see it,
    he has his elbow lower than most two-motion shooters, yet he holds the ball
    longer due to his higher jumping ability than single-motion shooters. It is
    a question that I tried answering myself, but I couldn't really decide. Can
    you clarify?

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  • Baltimore527 6 years ago

    I need help on 3s. With middies I'm pretty consistent but whenever I take a
    3 I feel like I have to over force my shot and lose my form to get it to
    the rim, any suggestions

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  • Aaron Banks 6 years ago

    Can u do a video on Kemba's stepback, 

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  • Aresha Marsh 6 years ago

    Russell Westbrook shooting secrets pleaseee....

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  • Harris George 6 years ago

    Dangelo russel pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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  • Mateo Arreola 6 years ago

    aaron Harrison shooting secrets

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  • TalentedAquarius0218 6 years ago

    O.J Mayo & Gerald Wallace Shooting Secrets Please.

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  • Mnatilum BUFFONK 5 years ago

    coach c. i am having bend knees like kemba walker but as same as malik
    newman. It help me a lot thankyou

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  • James Wright 5 years ago

    Is having your guide hand on the front of the ball okay?

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  • Dingus King 5 years ago

    The leg bend causes him to go forward a little, which causes him to get
    more power

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