Kawhi Leonard Shooting Form: NBA Shooting Secrets

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So here is our NBA Shooting Secrets Kawhi Leonard edition. Today we break down three things that contribute to Kawhi Leonard’s success as a shooter and scorer. Apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • Michael Nugus 5 years ago

    can you break down chris bosh

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  • Armand Kabanga 5 years ago

    You should do demar derozan, his midrange looks nice to watch and he makes

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  • Michael Mega 5 years ago

    Kawhi leonard part 2 please. I really would like to know what finger he
    uses. I know he starts with his index in the middle but I'm not sure if he
    uses the index finger release or if he slightly adjusts and does a split
    finger release. Do you know which one he uses?

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  • yoyen aldana 5 years ago

    i wanna see cj mocculum shooting secrets .can i get one .thanks shot

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  • MUTGeniusUltimate12th 5 years ago

    I Wanna See Derrick Rose Shooting Form Hit me up Likes and Comments to Make
    this Possible

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  • Bunburit kittirattanakhun 5 years ago

    I would like to see Lamarcus Addridge form

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  • Seth Velazquez 5 years ago

    andrew wiggins

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  • Shae Norris 5 years ago

    Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf shooting secrets

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  • Seth Velazquez 5 years ago

    do a CJ McCollum video please

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