Jeff Teague Viper Steal Technique: Basketball Moves

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Here is our how to breakdown of Jeff Teague’s signature Viper Steal technique. He is a master at jumping the ball when the offense is not expecting it. Learn these keys and you will be picking pockets just like Jeff Teague in no tim.

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet. Shot Mechanics can help you revolutionize the way you think, practice and perform on the court. With this video you can learn hot to play sneaky defense!

NBA Footage is used under the “fair use” law.
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  • PowerMixes 6 years ago


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  • Jaguar Greene 6 years ago

    Thanks man

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  • Fedro 15 6 years ago

    +ShotMechanics shooting form, I think it'll works for me, :)

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  • TheDarkKnightReviewsMovies 6 years ago

    Nice :)

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  • wawnton childd 5 years ago

    Doug McDermott
    Jordan clarkson
    Cj McCollum
    Avery Bradley
    Jeff Teague
    Demarcus cousins
    Lance Stephenson
    Emmanuel mudiay
    Khris Middleton
    Shooting mechs plz

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  • wawnton childd 5 years ago

    Reggie Jackson plz

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  • wawnton childd 5 years ago

    Isaiah cannan and victor oladipo too plz

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  • Dion McElroy 5 years ago

    That's Dangerous

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  • Callum Brown 5 years ago

    Reaction time!

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  • mael astro 5 years ago

    What if the person I am guarding is not Russell Westbrook?

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