How to: Top 4 Kyrie Irving Finishing Moves | NBA Basketball Moves

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Top 4 Moves:

Move 1: One Hand Finish 0:20
Move 2: Up and Under 1:26
Move 3: Inside Hand 3:01
Move 4: Contact Finish 3:58

Today we are going to go over and teach you the top 4 best finishes that Kyrie Irving uses to score in the paint. By mastering these 4 layups you will learn to finish in any situation over any defender just like Kyrie. You can see all of these moves in every Kyrie Irving mixtape, highlight reel, or top 10 countdown. So get your reps in on these and see if you can score just like Kyrie!

Ever wonder how NBA players like Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, and Chris Paul can score in the paint over taller defenders? These 4 moves are super important to all guards scoring ability.

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