Hakeem Olajuwon Double Fake: Basketball Moves

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Learn the devastatingly effective basketball move pioneered by NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon. Olajuwon killed defenders with this move and absolutely destroyed David Robinson with it in the highlight. Check us out at www.shotmechanics.com for our ever growing collection of skill videos!

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Hey I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics.com and today we have a new video on out legends series and that’s the Hakeem Olajuwon Double Fake Move. Alright so first of all congrats to Gabe Erikson for winning our Wednesday jersey giveaway from unboxingjerseys.ru last week and watch to the end of this video for another chance for you to win. Don’t forget you want to hit that subscription button in the bottom right hand corner that way you get all of our videos as soon as they come out. And as always you can get my personal top 3 favorite shooting tips for free just by clicking that annotation up there or the link in the description. Alright so let’s learn the Hakeem Olajuwon Double Fake. Alright so this move is all about the fakes and the footwork which Hakeem was always awesome at both. So you begin with a drive to the basket, now for this fake to work the defender has to be on your back. If not it will be really easy for them to strip the ball on your first fake.. Now that the defender is on Hakeem’s back he’s going to hit them with the first fake where he plants his pivot foot and then extends the ball with his inside hand. This will bait your defender and make them think that they can get a really easy block so they will either leave their feet or get off balance. Next you front pivot back around so that the outside of your hip is facing the basket. As your coming out from your pivot you are going to want to ball fake with 2 hands above your head. This makes the defender think you are about ready to shoot either a jump shot or a jump hook and they leave their feet to contest. And because they are out of position from your first fake they are more likely to really go after this next one to stop you. So now all you have to do is keep your pivot foot down and step through towards the basket to finish the shot. Just make sure that when you shoot you extend the ball out away from the defense so they can’t tip it as they are coming back down. So it’s really not that hard of a combination you just want to do it really really quickly and really sell those fakes that way the defender bites on it. Alright so if you want to be eligible to win the jersey from unboxingjerseys.ru all you gotta do is go on some sort of social media so that’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, down here on YouTube in the comments. leave a comment or make a post and use #SplashArmy that’s where we are going to choose a winner each week. Alright you guys are awesome don;t forget to check out our top 3 shooting secrets and tune in tomorrow for our Steve Nash edition of NBA Shooting Secrets, it’s going to be a really good one! So like always splash on, Splash Army!

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