Get a Lightning Quick Shooting Release like Stephen Curry (HD)

Published on 01/25/2016 by (FREE WORKOUT)

This is the #1 key to having a lightning quick shooting release. Players like Stephen Curry are known for having a super fast release and you can bet he uses this BIG key in his jumper. What’s crazy is that this has nothing to do with the actual release of the basketball. Instead it’s all about how you prep to catch the basketball.

Ever wonder how NBA players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, J.J. Redick, Kyrie Irving, and Kyle Korver can get their shot off so fast? Well try this tip out and see just how fast your jumper can be!

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet.

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  • D4RR3N T4M0ND0N6 5 years ago

    Can you do a tutorial for shorter players and how they can get their shot
    off the catch or dribble so their shot can't get blocked a lot?

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  • halfmanhalftree 5 years ago

    You have the same shot mechanics as Austin rivers ????????

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  • jabaree the man 5 years ago

    how do u get faster

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  • D C 5 years ago

    how to shoot a three

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  • King JAY 5 years ago

    hi I'm 11 in the sixth grade and this is helping but I want to know how to
    score ever time I get the ball i m also five three

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  • Jmp174 Perk14 5 years ago

    how to hold the basketball before shooting

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  • Elvir Memeti 5 years ago

    your a legend man! keep it up.

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  • Myles Collins 5 years ago

    Great Video

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  • Extreme Gamer 5 years ago

    what's the background music

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  • king 5 years ago

    how to shoot 3

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