Dwyane Wade Steal Technique: Basketball Moves

Published on 07/02/2014 by


Here is our how to breakdown of Dwayne Wade’s signature steal. He is a master at playing the passing lanes and picking off an opponents attempt to move the ball. Learn these keys and you will be picking off passes just like Flash himself.

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Photo Credits: Getty Images

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  • Prince James 5 years ago

    I beg you

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  • Billy Johnson 5 years ago

    these tips actually worked.

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  • ItsOnlyPain 5 years ago


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  • CyberNinjaX 5 years ago

    so Dwyane wade is basically kuroko

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  • zhi hong 5 years ago

    Make a video of how wade block shots!!

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  • Hong Brian 5 years ago

    so do I basically have to be on helpside for the opponent's drive and trick
    the passer into thinking my man is open giving them a little space and
    steal when the ball is passed across?

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  • TheDabbingBaller05 5 years ago

    How do you pick pocket your opponent inconsistently?

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  • S1KTER 5 years ago

    Dat move after the steal tho...impossible xD

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  • Eyeless Jack Titan 5 years ago

    #Joel Yoon
    #Sports Tribe
    #Jack Fisher-Mcskinney
    #Kaka Boii
    #Sadra Bagheri

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  • S &V gang 5 years ago


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