DeAndre Jordan Free Throw Breakdown: NBA Shooting Secrets

Published on 03/27/2015 by

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@deandrejordan6 Coach C. with @ShotMechanics wants to help you hit more free throws! He thinks you can hit 75% easy!


Free Shooting Secrets:

So here is our new episode of NBA Shooting Secrets with DeAndre Jordan. Today we break down the top reasons why DeAandre Jordan is struggling with his free throw consistency and percentage. See if you do any of these mechanics and improve your free throws today!

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  • Mati Shaq 5 years ago

    ???? I thought they were gonna teach us how to shoot like deandre

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  • Gabe Lee 5 years ago

    Do Mark Price Free throw shooting secrets

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  • Aaron Jaros 5 years ago

    We could help Ronnie Turiaf

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  • Vincent Diiorio 5 years ago

    when I first saw the title I thought this video was a joke

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  • Jay & Rod 5 years ago

    Almost Choked On A Sunflower Seed Looking At The Title. #ClippersNation

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  • Bleach 5 years ago

    Did DeAndre Jordan ever reach out to you?

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  • SumWarGaming 5 years ago

    but sports science said you can increase the chance tp get it in by 19
    percent if u have 55° shooting rather than 45

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  • Axel Rogério Da Silva 5 years ago

    imagine Drummond and him with a good jumpshot

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  • wasti82 5 years ago

    The high follow-through ist also Andre Iguodala's problems when shooting
    free throws. He used to be a quality free throw shooter once, but for some
    reason changed the height of his follow-through.

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  • thebestfreethrowcoach 5 years ago

    I think Drummond releases the ball too high.

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