Danny Green: NBA Shooting Secrets

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So here is our new episode of NBA Shooting Secrets with Danny Green. Today we break down the top reasons Danny Green. He is an intricate part in the spurs offense and his ability to help spread the floor has been incredibly valuable. Learn how to apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • kevin O'Toole 6 years ago

    Can you add on to Danny Green's shooting on how he shoots?

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  • Jamario Stevens 6 years ago

    can you do harrison barnes and mike miller shooting secret

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  • Angelo Robertson 5 years ago

    Do draymond green please

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  • Caleb Vincent 5 years ago

    can you do wilson chandlers jumpshot his jumpshot has really improved

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  • Blacknd Mild 5 years ago

    Can you do Kendrick Perkins?

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  • Jonas Barnard 5 years ago

    Do shooting secrets Ron artest tony Parker Tim Duncan and lamarcus Aldridge

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  • Decimator 5 years ago

    Could you do Carmelo Anthony shooting secrets

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  • Jun Robert Obrique 5 years ago

    kevin martin please

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  • Tanzina Tasnim 5 years ago

    Is his shot one motion

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  • Seth Velazquez 5 years ago

    gilbert arenas

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