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Here is the Chris Paul’s signature step back basketball move. Used often by NBA players like Chris Paul, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and John Wall to blow by their defenders. This is one of the most simple and effective moves you are ever going to learn, making it perfect for every player from the playground the the pros. Learn the move and leave your defender in the dust to get big time separation for an open jumper. Check us out at for our ever growing collection of skill videos!

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Hi I’m Coach Castellaw and this is the Step back Move #2. So step back move #2 is just basically a variation off of move #1. It all starts off the same as you are attacking your defender with that first dribble forward. Instead of pulling the ball back in-front of your leg like we learned in the first move, this time we are going to pull the ball back under our leg. Now the nice thing about this move is as you pull the ball backwards under your leg, most of the time it comes right up into your shooting pocket, and it makes it really really easy to shoot a jumper out of it. So you start from attacking your defender, one dribble forward, under the leg, hop back and now you have a wide open jumper hopefully with enough separation. Now let’s check out CP3 do his signature move. Chris Paul really uses a change of speed and change of direction to sell this move. The move begins as CP3’s defender gets out of position and his stuck on his hip. This causes the defender to overreact to Chris Paul’s plant so all Chris has to do is set his feet and find his target. Check out how he finds the hoop before he goes into his shot. He gets such great separation with this move so the defender does not even have a chance to contest. If you like this video show us a little love by clicking our subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner. Or you can become a member of our free website where we have tons of videos that are not on YouTube. You can also support us by buying cool gear in our print shop. Thanks for watching Shot Mechanics.

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