Charles Barkley Post Shot Block: How to Block Shots in Basketball

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Charles Barkley was one of the greatest undersized big men in NBA history. He may have lacked a little height but that did not stop him from getting big time blocks. So today we are going to teach you how to do a few super simple keys that will help you learn to block shots just like Sir Charles!

Ever wonder why other dominate NBA big men like DeAndre Jordan, Hassan Whiteside, and Dwight Howard can get easy blocks? They use some of these exact same tips!

Shot Mechanics combines the advantages of personalized coaching with the accessibility of the internet. Shot Mechanics can help you revolutionize the way you think, practice and perform on the court.

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  • Russel Baja 5 years ago

    Its effective

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  • Miguel Braz 5 years ago

    Hey do more videos of Charles barkley please we has a beast and really
    undersized I would love to watch the moves that Chuckster used

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  • The Terminator 7745x 5 years ago

    How to beat a taller defender

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  • Babydurant35allday 5 years ago

    Great vid. Can you try some other defensive tricks? Like some classic gary
    payton ball pressure tricks.

    When hes hounding the guy 94ft & @ about half court when the guy has his
    back turned to him the glove always gets that little dig in steal when
    theyre basically stationary. Or when he turns the guy a couple times & on
    the last one he'll reach around & basically grab the ball away 2k style.

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  • DomeezlyGWAPZ 5 years ago

    How about if they fake the shot and you end up looking silly

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  • Son of Laimbeer 5 years ago

    Thanks Sir Charles!

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  • Ricksonkimura 5 years ago

    Charles was able to block shots by using his off hand. He'd hold down the
    offensive player and block the shot with his other hand. That's not a true
    shot block, but hey, if the refs didn't call it, I suppose that technique
    was effective for Charles. Personally, I'd never commit such an atrocious
    foul while going for a block.

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  • Slimcapo 5 years ago

    You r the best this is really helping me

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  • Tyrone Ruff 5 years ago

    Charles Barkley shooting form

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  • Banana Alcoholic 5 years ago

    first u should have vertical leap as charles?

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