Basketball Shooting Drills: Walking Follow Through

Published on 04/03/2014 by


The Walking Follow Through basketball shooting drill is a staple for any shooter. From preps to pros everyone should get their reps in on this! Easy to do by yourself for a great warm up before any shooting workout. This drill is a must for anyone looking to improve.

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  • YGS monster 7 years ago

    Guys did u see proshotsystem

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  • Kent Daryl Acuna 7 years ago

    thank you very much coach. can i suggest to have dribbling drills. because
    im a guard in our team and im a three pointer. but our coach said that
    being a shooter is not enough you have to learn to create distance by
    dribbling by yourself. especially this year because it is going to be tough
    the ace players of our school is now in one team. 

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  • Alvis Tran 7 years ago

    Can you Guys make a video on...
    What to do of your Short player???

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  • Eadey adeye 7 years ago

    This is great videos on shooting. I will continue to like these
    amazing videos. keep the good work up and continue to work on shooting

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  • Kwantic 7 years ago

    Awesome video. Btw do you think the "shotloc" works well. I'm good at
    handling and everything else but I'm only a fairly decent shooter. This
    product was advertised by steph curry and jj redick 

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  • cscastro 7 years ago

    I do this and it works. Only small difference for me is I will do it on a
    straight line and make sure the ball lands on it, really helped me with
    keep my shots dead center. Good vid highly recommend this drill.

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  • Anthony Sosa 7 years ago

    I watch all of your video big fan oh yah I have a question you no how you
    guys give out free Jersey can I get a Chris Paul Jersey please please

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  • niev schiller 7 years ago

    can you make a videos for plyometrics and vertical jump

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  • Farzin s.javid 7 years ago

    Thanks for the vid

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  • Creeper Girl 7 years ago

    Thanks it really helped alot.

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