Basketball Shooting Drills: Baseline Shooting 10-Minute Shooting Trainer

Published on 03/24/2014 by


The Baseline Shooting basketball shooting drill is a staple for any shooter. From preps to pros everyone should get their reps in on this! Easy to do by yourself or with a rebounder this drill is a must for anyone looking to improve. Use it as a warm up or cool down in any shooting workout.

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  • Zion Blockson 7 years ago

    can you break down steve nash shooting form 

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  • Juniel 7 years ago

    Great video! It helped me improve my shooting. Can u pls do a Kevin Martin
    tutorial about his footworks and jab steps. Ik this is weird asking for a
    kevin martin tutorial, I have an unorthodox shooting form like kmart. 

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  • UltraSpyder123 7 years ago

    Why does it seem as if you use your left thumb when you shoot?

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  • jesus carbajal 7 years ago

    This looks like LCSC's gym is it?

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  • Johannes 7 years ago

    did anyone see that it's the same 2 shots in that 50 sec clip?

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