Basketball Drills for Shooting | Double Up Perfect Form Shooting

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The Double Up Perfect Form Shooting Drill is a staple for any shooter. It’s one of my all time favorite warm-up shooting drills that I have ALL my players use. From preps to pros everyone should get their reps in on this! Use this drill to help solidify your shooting mechanics and get your joints/muscles warm. This drill is a must for anyone looking to improve.

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  • Noah Woah 6 years ago

    Hey Coach,
    I wanted to know if I should be a 1 or 2 motion shooter. I currently shoot
    with one motion. I am 15 and 5'11". I am athletic but not very strong. Also
    what are the last fingers to leave the ball when shooting. Thanks coach!

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  • ahmed jamal 6 years ago

    congratz for the new outfit including the awesome kicks coach . C 😀 have
    fun with them

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  • Harinder Brar 6 years ago

    Kawhi Leonard shooting secrets ! 

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  • Alvin Sidhu 6 years ago

    Hey @ShotMechanics, I'd love to see a feature on some of the NBA's most
    effective unorthodox shooters through the years e.g. Shawn Marion, Antoine
    Walker, Kevin Martin, etc. 

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  • JAY D 6 years ago

    I do that but instead i make the the one hand shot then go to the oppiste
    side and shoot on the that side with both hands. But out and away from the

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  • Adrian Dale Naldoza 6 years ago

    I'm left handed and sometimes, when I shoot, the ball doesn't spin but it
    goes in. I want it to have a back spin so are there any advices? Thanks

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  • MayNark Medina 6 years ago

    I like the idea of the one hand shooting drill but this one might be
    confusing. I agree to use this for warm ups, but it only works if you're a
    one motion shooter. I used to warm up with one arm shooting but I couldn't
    find any rhythm since I was a 2 motion shooter. I eventually switched to
    one motion shooting thanks to Pro Shot. I follow your videos too and I
    agree with most of what you say, except this one.

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  • Ball is life 5 years ago

    hey does 1 handed shooting form ruin my shot because pro shot says it does

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  • Tobias Fioranelli 5 years ago

    Hey coach I have a cuestión that makes me think a lot, if I'm a palm
    rotation shooting what I need to do for the one hand shooting

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