Basketball Drills for Beginners | Reverse Pivot Attack Drill

Published on 06/08/2015 by


The Reverse Pivot Attack Drill is a staple for any beginning player. It’s one of my all time favorite drills to master the reverse pivot footwork. Working on a reverse pivot is one of the fastest ways to improve young athlete’s attack skills. Get your reps in on this drill and see just how easy it can be to go by your defender!

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  • Ben Lee 6 years ago

    could you do more videos on off the ball movement for getting open shots?

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  • Z.R. Cai 6 years ago

    So you made lots of vids about offense(very good).
    But can you maybe make some videos about defending and how to do that

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  • Quoran Darden 6 years ago

    you should do james jones or paul peirce or doug McDermott or jimmy butler
    or trevor ariza or dwayne wade

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  • Matthew Buckets 6 years ago

    Unsuscribed, content use to be helping but now other channels work

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  • Charlie Football 6 years ago

    Jimmer Fredette Shot Mechanics(a Special College Edition)

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  • Kobe B 6 years ago

    Shooting secrets: Matt Dellavedova 

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  • akomissmo2 6 years ago

    Ive watched and studied so many carmelo anthony tapes that this move just
    became second nature to me, really helps

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  • Nico Gaut 6 years ago

    travels every single time...

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  • Sean FrmUptown 6 years ago

    he was doubling

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  • Noah Hopkins 5 years ago

    not a beginner but I wanna add this to my game . Nice Vid !

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