Anthony Davis Shooting Form: NBA Shooting Secrets

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So here is our NBA Shooting Secrets Anthony Davis edition. Today we break down the 3 reasons Anthony Davis has consistently been improving his jumper. Apply these shooting mechanics to your game and watch the ball go in the hole!

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  • Trey Downtown 6 years ago

    He was like Stephen Curry coming into his freshman year in highschool
    'cause he was just a scrawny kid then but he was a good shooter, then grew
    into a 6'10 center coming into his college year who has a skillset of a

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  • WayneDangerous 6 years ago

    stop talking...

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  • Gffg Fggh 6 years ago

    lamarcus Aldridge next

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  • Trevon Moore 5 years ago

    kobe Bryant

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  • Len Stevenson 5 years ago

    Can You Do Andrew Wiggins Shooting Secrets !

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  • Eric D Casarez 5 years ago

    @shotmechanics Can I email you a video of me shooting ?? Ive been trying to
    have anthony Davis shot because it's beautiful and like a rainbow. I'm 6'1
    and still growing taller than most kids at my school and I'm in need of
    help! Please.

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  • Stephen curry and the big 5 5 years ago

    coach im 13 6 foot and i used anthony davis form and it helps

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  • Stephen curry and the big 5 5 years ago

    who else knew anthony davis grew an inch?

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  • Zoom TM 5 years ago

    What's his release

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  • Pretty Boy Mike 5 years ago

    cool video

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