Andre Drummond Free Throw Breakdown: NBA Shooting Secrets

Published on 01/16/2015 by

Coach Collin Twitter: @ShotMechanics
Andre Drummond Twitter: @AndreDrummondd


Hey @AndreDrummondd Coach C. with @ShotMechanics wants to help you hit more free throws! He thinks you can hit 75% easy! #SplashArmy

Free Shooting Secrets:

So here is our new episode of NBA Shooting Secrets with Andre Drummond. Today we break down the top reasons why Andre Drummond is struggling with his free throw consistency and percentage. See if you do any of these mechanics and improve your free throws today!

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  • Joseph Aguilar 6 years ago

    Did Andre end up calling you? lol.

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  • Techmania marko stojanovic 6 years ago

    75% ARE YOU CRAZY HE WILL NEVER SHOOT 60% With all experts of the
    world..75% is very high precentage. very good 3pt shooters struggling to
    have that precentage.

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  • fenderstratguy 6 years ago

    I was taught wrong when I was young. I was told feet and shoulders had to
    be square, so my feet had to aim at the basket. That was not good advice.
    Your tip is more helpful. Angle your feet a bit to allow the feet to point
    wherever they want to, as long as the upper part of the shooting arm is
    lined up directly at the hoop.

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  • Mubin Ahmed 5 years ago

    Clearly you didnt help him lol. Its not a mechanics thing thats why. Most
    of these guys can shoot 70-80% in practice, there is a reason sports
    psychology is a thing, it plays a major role for many players.

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  • аскар муравьев 5 years ago

    deandre worst free throw shooter ever this season he had 35 per cent worst
    ever and in his career he shoot 38 per cent

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  • аскар муравьев 5 years ago

    he shoot 52 per cent fg worst for center

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  • аскар муравьев 5 years ago

    he never shoot 50 per cent from free line

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  • Uncle Bernard 5 years ago

    Isn't that how deron williams shoots his free throws? He makes them

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  • Kadabrium 5 years ago

    1:20 airball dunk

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  • Jarvell Wilson 5 years ago

    he's going Under hand Now What Ever Works Cuz we need Him Really bad But
    not only Free throws We Need him as a great Center that he Is a Great
    Rebounder and D

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