Allen Iverson Crossover: How To Do Basketball Moves

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Here is the Allen Iverson’s killer crossover basketball move. Watch our step by step breakdown to learn how to use this move effectively. Used often by NBA players like Allen Iverson, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and John Wall to blow by their defenders. Iverson has one of the best crossovers in history, and this is one of the most simple and effective moves you are ever going to learn, making it perfect for every player from the playground the the pros. Learn the move and leave your defender in the dust. Check us out at for our ever growing collection of skill videos!

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This episode of Shot Mechanics is brought to you by Hoop separation series skill pack. This mobile download contains 8 timed drills for a killer workout that you can download straight to your mobile device. It cost less then an energy drink and every dollar go to help the show! So click the button now and tighten up those handles. Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and today because of Allen Iverson’s retirement we are going to teach his signature crossover move. Allen Iverson was so good at this move he devastated his defenders over and over again even if they knew it was coming. There are a few simple keys the will help your footwork and really sell the move and you will be snapping ankles like AI in no time. And don’t forget if you like what we do over here at Shot Mechanics feel free to give us a like, comment, or subscription that way you help the channel grow and we can keep spreading the word. Alright let’s learn how to drop your defender like a sack of hammers. So there are really 3 main keys to this move and it all begins with a long outside step. Check out how Iverson steps out wide making it look like he is going to the left. Once you have this long outside step it is important that you keep that leg locked and loaded so you can spring off of it in the opposite direction. Then you keep the crossover below your knees that way as the defender is sliding by they can’t swipe it with their hand. Now just explode your hips by theirs in a direct path to the basket. if you really want to sell the move like AI throw your shoulders over knee as your leg is extended. That should really sell the move. So keep in mind there are 3 main keys you want to think about when preforming this crossover. Number 1 you want to have a long outside step that way it sells it and really makes the defender think you are going that direction. Number 2 after that long step you want to make sure that leg is locked and loaded that way you can spring back the opposite direction. And number 3 you want to make sure you keep the crossover below your knees. Because your defender is going to be moving that direction their only chance to get the ball is going to be to swipe at it as the are moving by. keep it low and they won;t be able to get to it. And that is everything you need to keep ion mind when doing the allen iverson crossover.And becuause we have not done it in a while and because you guys are the best fans on the internet we are going to give away another jersey. So we are giving away this crazy crisp LeBron James jersey courtesy of our sponsor They recently changed from .com to .ru. To be eligible to win the jersey all you have to do is leave a comment down below and then tag 3 friends on Google+ it’s kind of a win win. You get a shot at winning the jersey and you help the channel grow. Alright I’m coach Collin Castellaw with Shot as always thanks for watching and stay tuned because we have some pretty big stuff coming up in the future. Peace!

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