3 Simple BUT Deadly Post Moves: Footwork For Centers and Power Forwards

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Welcome to our video on 3 simple but DEADLY post moves. These are three of my favorite post moves and footwork that you can use to get easy buckets in the paint. It doesn’t matter how tall or big you are, with these post up moves you should be torching your defender anytime you catch in the paint. As a post up player it’s important to keep your moves efficient, no matter if you’re playing face up or with your back to the basket and these are awesome for that. There are a bunch of really great moves you can use in the post but these are three of the easiest to do with very little training. Don’t be surprised if you see highlights from some of the biggest NBA stars and legends using these moves.

Players like Hakeem Olajuwon and Tim Duncan mad a killing out of the post up and a ton of was all because of their footwork just like this. So master these simple moves and get some easy buckets!

Moves you will learn today:

– Rip Through
– Rip and Cross
– Face Up Fadeaway

Side note: Dr. Dish is not a sponsor and I was not paid for this content. They did however invite me to their world headquarters to try the machine and shoot some videos for you. BUT I LOVED the Dr. Dish so don’t be surprised if they’re a future sponsor because they’re awesome 😉

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