Message To The  College Coach And Academic Recruiter:

This video is a message to reach the college coach as well as the academic recruiter who is looking to find the right athlete to join their school. is a platform that is designed to grow middle and high school basketball players both mentally through hoopcliq Academy and physically through the cliq community.  Our community will be made up of highly engaged professionals such as basketball trainers, weight and conditioning coaches, Nutritionist, middle school, high school, AAU coaches and their organizations. The mission here is to grow these athletes so that they can come to your school mentally and physically prepared as true freshmen.  Not every college has the big budget to extension their reach when it comes to recruiting talent.  That is why we invite you to join as a scout to recruit players you didn’t know exist.  If you are ready to finally find the players who can really help you win, start the verification process by going to


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