Self-Talk (06-20-17)


Becoming mentally trained is the new requirement to be able to succeed in your sport. Our lessons are…


This 5 day class is design to give you the tools to strengthen your game from the inside out. You will learn what is self-talk and how it plays a role in your success. Our method of teaching is through skits and story-telling which gives you an opportunity to learn in entire different way. In just 15 to 20 minutes a day you will learn how to take your self-talk to levels where only the highly successful athletes in our sport operate from. Each day you will learn a different strategy that will give you an opportunity to begin building your self-talk immediately. On the fifth day, the class will have a live streaming video call where we can meet each other discuss what we learned, share experiences, and ultimately position ourselves to be in the best position to improve our game. This class isn’t for everyone. If you are the type of athlete who truly love your sport and want to be the best you can be to reach the ultimate goal of playing at the next level then this is an absolute must have class. The world of sports is changing. There has never been a time like we live in today where the mind is playing a bigger role in your success every single day. If you have goals of playing college in your sport, then you must Train your mind like you do your body. Start by signing up today and begin your journey to becoming one of the elite athletes in our world.

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